NFo StoryBook...How did you get to NFo?

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Vampire Hunter X
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Post by Vampire Hunter X » Mon Mar 21, 2005 5:21 pm

9 months ago the clan known as |VH| was formed.It started at a local lan party in a city Vacaville,Ca in a place called "Thats Player".Four of us were in there that little room playing cs.Then me and my brother told them they were pretty good would you like to form a clan with us?.From then on we started picking a server for us to play on.Then in October 2004 we finally had money to afford one game server for us.I went to a nuclearfallout server one day and said maybe we should rent from this company,I also thought about if the company was reliable or had bad servers.I thought that there test servers might be better then the servers they give us and rip us off,so i checked out their website and read all of it.Now we are hardcore gamers playing in one 16 person server called "Vampire Hunter Clan Server" with our website at

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Post by Ruger22C » Mon Jun 27, 2005 6:19 am

I found NFo from an ad on (Gun forum).

Thank you, Signed,
Spark Johnson.
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long time

Post by Killallupeckers » Tue Sep 13, 2005 10:24 pm

what can i say started a clan almost three years ago with nfo caln is still going strong so is the server even with all my stupid questions they took time to answer them now we have 2 servers. Nfo has the best control panel ive seen gj guysand gals if there are any there

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Post by FlyingMongoose » Thu Sep 15, 2005 7:09 pm

Tried starting up a clan alliance 2 years ago...was searching for server rentals, foudn the lowest price and best service here...I personally would never rent from anyone else again...

But that was about it...I found NFO on google :)

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Post by chris686 » Sat Sep 17, 2005 8:35 am

Hey mongoose :)

Mongoose's clan site referred me.

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Post by Gambit » Mon Nov 14, 2005 5:38 pm

Years ago, shortly after the release of 1/2 life, someone told me about a game called counter-strike. In my head the dialogue went like this: 'counter-strike? a mod? more half life? i can DOWNLOAD it????'... and so it began. At the time I was playing on a dial-up connection, luckily a stable one, if slow, and I was pinging in at a regular 250-300. I loved the game but would get incredibly frustrated at how often I would get owned... and had a few spots where I just up and quit for a while. I eventually realized that playing with such a connection I would not be able to really master the precision weapons I would like to, it was just getting me in trouble... and instead started practicing with weapons that were more forgiving to a slow connection... basically guns with a high rate of fire, low recoil and as much ammo as possible (you know some of them bullets get lost on the way there with dial-up!!). I started pwning. bad. People hated my high ping ass... and I just fed off it, and I continued mastering these weapons. Here started my love for the P90, one of the best guns in the world.

Later, in college, I was on a hybrid cable/modem connection (cable down, modem up), which was better but I still pinged in at about 150+. At least now I was able to use more precise weapons, and continued my training from the smgs into the rifles, increasing my skill. I got so addicted, and if I may say so (yes you may Gambit) very good. The only weapon that seemed to ever be able to stop me was the awp. Which I HATE because of how unrealistic it is in a game like CS:S with its limitations on actual realism. (I.e. I can be shot in the shoulder and die instantly from an awp. I understand this type of bullet along with the velocity could damage someone in the arm enough to eventually kill them, but I find it incredibly difficult to believe that it would be instantaneous death). So, I turned my training efforts into the sole purpose of becoming an awp-sniper hunter (months of rigorous training seeking awps, instead of avoiding them), and I learned the matrix (aka bullet dodging)... and oh is it ever so sweet to plant a deagle or p90 HS across the map on someone trying to awp you, or running up behind them for a flankin backstab while they awp camp the map. But, unfortunately all I had to play with was random people, none of my friends played games on the pc... (console losers!). I was always on the top and was good enough, but never got any clan invites and never advertised I was looking for one. The game kept my interest as I continued trying to master all the guns I wanted to, then I lost interest in it and stopped... until the release of Source. At this point, my constant verbal abuse of console gaming systems had finally taken its toll, and I got a few of my buddies into PCs... and teh Strike.

Finally, I had some people to play with and we had our teamspeak goin'... so we started up our own clan. I got back to my love for teh strike, and was now on sweet sweet full on high speed cable. But... my god were my buddies noobs! AWWWW NOOBS!!! I couldnt stand it! I figured it was up to me to de-nubify them, and so the former self-taught student became the master, and I began what I like to call Gambit's CS:S Ninja Training School, which begins with the P90, and ends with the M4. The M4 being the most dangerous weapon for a ninja master to use, even if its not the ninja weapon of choice... which would be the tmp. Although not all my buddies had the discipline (or enough tolerance of me!) to adhere to my strict training regimine... they did get themselves de-nubified and we started to become a menace to servers... the crazy p90 guys. Let me tell you something: it is a NIGHTMARE to see 4 guys rushing at you with a wall of P90 bullets being let loose. People either loved or hated us, there was no middle ground. And with my refusal to use the awp, I think people got incredibly frustrated playing against me... and would swear up and down that I was the luckiest nub ever to play cause I used the P90 and owned... and was as dominant on a server as a cal-i awp whore. Cal awp whores cant stand me. Man did we terrorize some servers.

I told you all that nonsense that you dont care about in the least to tell you this; which is what this topic is about: Me and my clan, which we named [SGC] (dual meaning there, the clan name is the Scottsdale Gun Club which is the largest indoor shooting range in the world - located in Scottsdale, AZ, and most of us love Stargate SG-1, i.e. StarGate Command... and they even use P90s on the show!!!) started pub hopping and found servers we liked and became regulars on. None of it worked out. Mostly cause of me. When I start playing on a server where their top player by overall kills has about 8k kills, and in a few weeks I go from 0 - 10k before they ever hit 9k... people can get frustrated. The first server that banned me... we really liked playing on and there were multiple servers all tied to the same place/stats, and I pleaded to get unbanned and that I did not cheat... and was eventually let back on. We would have played there indefinitely, but we found the admins to be rather short-sighted and their connection went from great to horrible, our pings going from low 40s to over 100, and the server admins couldnt figure out why and never fixed it. So we left, and found another. This next one rented from nuclearfallout. We loved the server, mostly because of the connection, and the server rules/settings were decent, even if the admins were childish. They eventually banned me, after much complaining about the tmp and the p90 as being the most unbalanced weapons in the game as they cuddled with their awps and couldnt pwn against me. We probably would have left long before I got banned, but the connection and server was just so damn good. The next server to ban me, had a connection as good as NFO servers and had alot of admins on it, so there was rarely problems on the server, but they were incredibly anal about their rules, which included no cussing and no 'trash' talking... so I decided to just keep quiet and play and never really talk at all, in the hopes of not getting banned. Eventually they got sick of my play style too, and would non-stop bitch about team stacking, always saying that it was me that was responsible. I may have replied something along the lines of... its not possible to have even teams when Gambit is on the server, cause whatever team he is on will be stacked. They didnt like that, and shortly after I got banned from that server as well. All these places I played on enough to get 10k+ kills, got to know the community, knew the regs and had fans and haters alike, and my clanmmates pretty much realized the only place I would be welcome to play at for an extended period of time was going to be our own server. So, we decided to go with the nuclearfallout (there are a few other servers we pubbed on briefly but didnt like the rules/admins, but the connections were great and most were NFo based) and so started our own server, We have been so impressed with the connection and server abilities (Wolverine pings in at under 10 to InterNAP LA NFo servers constantly and I claim he is sitting on the server while he plays), and I have received nothing but A+ top notch support as of this point, which is granted only a week or so in, but I dont see that stopping any time soon. How can you beat a server where you ping in @ under 20, is set at 100 tick and has no cpu lag whatsoever for 25 players, has great support and an easy to use control panel that even a brand new admin like me can set up, with a little help. I even got some good help with mani admin mod from Nick, mani sucks at support and documentation!

So far, the server has actually filled up twice, on Sat and Sun this past weekend. I was really happy about that, after only being up for a few days. I can only think that other players agree with me, and also enjoy playing on lag-free NFo. Everyone is welcome to come check out the server... just try not to get shamed off. And... if you think my head is way too big and needs to be deflated... please... grab an awp or your weapon of choice and come after me, I look forward to the hunt! We welcome everyone and hope lots of people will come play, especially me... cause my clanmates banned me from playing on the server until at least 10 people are on, apparently to "spread out the gambit so players dont get fed up and log off before it populates". Damn clanmates. Banning me from my own server! :D

Hopefully, if we can get a few more members on [SGC] we will be competing in Cal-O next season, in January... which will be the first time I have ever competed in CS or CS:S. Should be interesting. Our 12 player private scrim server from NFo should be nice for this!!! Also, we are recruiting admins for our regular pub server.

Wow I write alot. Can you tell I'm @ work and bored???

Anyhoo... that is how [SGC] came to be on NFo, and a brief history of [SGC] Gambit, self proclaimed CS:S Ninja Master f.s.p (formerly self proclaimed) "Pub All Star", the "Terror of Two Servers", "Professional Sniper Hunter", the "Notorious HPB", and of course "1shot/SmokePot/HS". ;)

[SGC] Gambit

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Post by Oso » Sat Dec 31, 2005 10:02 am

I found out about Nuclearfallout from a good buddy, Born2Lose. He told me how good your company was and I always played in his servers.

But sadly I still haven't been able to get a server cause I'm 15 and I'm raising up money so I finally get one for myself.

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Post by imhungry » Fri Mar 03, 2006 12:25 pm

Ah...well.. :)

I used to be [and still am!] a regular in Nuclearfallout: 3 Mile Island. Loved the ping / registration and so I decided to try out a server. Had the hyperaccelerated 12 man private in NYC for CS;1.6 for about a week. Then my team crapped out and decided to go for the accelerated. Still amazing ping, great reg.

About 3 months later, the funds dry up as kids go back to their girlfriends / school. haha. Well a couple other friends and me started a lan team and needed a VA server, and since nFO didn't offer any [let's go, get over here!] my team cancelled the nFO server and decided to try out VA servers.

After trying many, many servers, they decided to go with a Premium Boosted Velocity. WHAT A JOKE! Terrible FPS fluctuation, 20 loss to me, and I STILL pinged better to the NYC Nuclearfallouts than to a data center 5 miles from my house, quite literally.

Once I cancelled my server, what do I see? Velocity|Jon [the owner] emails me personally and asks me what was wrong. What? I complain for 2 weeks and finally get a personal email? The representatives over at Velocity tell me I complain too much and that I start too many support tickets. Total Support tickets started by me? : Two [2]. So now I'm done with them, trying to sell my remaining months to an unlucky soul or else I'll switch it to a 24/7 pug just to drain Velocity's already overloaded boxes. Now I'm waiting for Nuclearfallout to get on over here to Virginia / DC!

whew! Done

If you see a Player, Newname, Replenish tag, or nFC tag owning it up in 3 Mile Island, it's me!

Feel free to PM me @ imhungry|foh on gamesurge or look for me. I'll give you unbiased opinions about whatever you need to know and will try to help you. :D

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Post by schlafen » Wed Mar 15, 2006 12:45 pm

I was hit on the head by raining cats and dogs then somehow I ended up in a jailcell where I was forced to stay with Nuclearfallout and that is why I am still here.

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Post by Skeith » Sat Jun 03, 2006 10:33 pm

I had recently joined my team which I am still on almost 2 years ago, when we scrimmed we noticed that nfo servers had good registry and ping. So later we got sponsored with a nfo server and loved it. Even later, the sponsorship just wasn't working out so we left. Then someone on my team bought a nfo hyperaccell. A great server, overall I find nfo has consistant registry, which is very important. Other servers went right down the toilet very fast when they got more popular. However nfo knows how to keep servers working good.

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Post by d!nk » Sat Apr 28, 2007 9:02 am

Always dreamed of owning a server from nFo. First I tried the cheap servers, Server lagged got pissed and dropped it. Then I thought Hmm what should i pick NfO or Gamedeamons? Since game daemons was 20 dollars cheaper i purchased it. This backfired against me. There was no support what so ever. They deleted my support ticket and i wasted more then 96 dollars from them. Just and advice "Don't rent from GD" . Finally I decided to go choose the big guns. "NFO". And here I am. :)

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Post by Sublim3 » Wed Jun 20, 2007 2:14 pm

got asked to join a new clan, there all cool guys but they didnt have a server yet so i offered to get us one. One of the members 'Mystic' recomended you guys. So here I am, so far very satisfied with the customer service!!!

site just now getting started.

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Post by Sushi » Mon Sep 17, 2007 1:30 am

I took over a failing community called Noobs Paradise in Jan 07. The reason it was failing was mainly because the server was CRAP! 66 tic and you couldn't get more than 16 people in there before the server would cough and hiccup and crash. Members started fighting with each other and it was all just caving in.

When I decided to take it over, I KNEW we had to get us a server that could be proud of. My requirements were simple, but I would not settle for anything less than a "super Uber Ferrari server"

1.) 100 tic.
2.) minimum 22 slots.
3.) Good ping for both East and West coast members.

I sent my server experts out to scour the net and report back with their top 3 choices. I would then post the IP's for each and request that everyone PING to see if it was playable for everyone.

After 3 days of searching, they had found 3 for us to try, but said "forget the other 2, just try this ONE".

That ONE was NFO. It was a Dallas Internap server and they even found some CSS servers we could "test out" before committing. I live near Mt St Helens in the Pacific Northwest, and I have members in NY and New Jersey and every point in between me and them. I don't believe anyone was over 60ms and the average was well below 45ms. That is PLAYABLE!

I was sold after we invaded an NFO server for a few minutes. It was so much better and smoother than the POS we had been playing on.

I was convinced we had found my Ferrari server! The website and forums was a total bonus. We've never had a website and our forums were hosted with annoying banners. Our new "Home" was a place we could all be proud of, with a server that was unmatched by any that I had ever played on.


Top notch everything. Support, uptime, live help, easy billing system, Instant upgrades, and a website too!

Check us out at

The only thing I didn't like was the long name

I like to advertise our site in game and not use the entire chat area. Something easy to remember for those visitors in our late night fragfests.


-[.40 cal ]- PupPeT
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Re: NFo StoryBook...How did you get to NFo?

Post by -[.40 cal ]- PupPeT » Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:06 am

i found out about nfo from our clan leader -[.40 cal ]- Sammy *****

and in my and our whole clans opinions you guys are really 1 of the best :]

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Re: NFo StoryBook...How did you get to NFo?

Post by slicky » Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:47 pm

-[.40 cal ]- PupPeT wrote:i found out about nfo from our clan leader -[.40 cal ]- Sammy *****

and in my and our whole clans opinions you guys are really 1 of the best :]

What up puppet?? :lol:

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