Where to place Conan Exiles mods

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Where to place Conan Exiles mods

Post by RockNRoll » Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:13 pm

Hi all
My friend has a NFO server for Conan exiles and we want to load mods onto the server. Where do we place the .pak files for the mods? I've copied the mods into a mods folder (via FTP) under the conansandbox/mods folder but he says he can't see where to make the mods active through the control panel. Is there a FAQ or some other way for someone to explain it? He says he's contacted support and doesn't feel like he's getting much help from that avenue. (he's not the most computer savvy guy :) (hence the reason I'm posting and trying to help

Thanks in advance for any help

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Re: Where to place Conan Exiles mods

Post by Edge100x » Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:39 pm

This is the documentation from http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steam ... 1485874103 -- basically, you upload the .pak files to the server and then create a Mods/modlist.txt file that lists the paths to them. This is something that any staffmember here should have been able to help you with, since we have an internal reference to the documentation.
Creating Mods for Conan Exiles


The mod devkit is a work in progress and there are many rough edges still. Some things to be aware of:
 It takes a long time to start up, especially the first few times.
 You have to restart it when you want to work on a new mod. (This might not get fixed any time soon, since flushing/reloading assets seems problematic.)
 Renaming mods is not trivial, so choose good unique names.
 Building the mod for distribution (cooking) takes a long time, and sometimes fails. Trying again usually works.
 The feedback for users when joining a server that has mods is very bare bones right now. It currently requires people to look for the mods manually, but this will be improved. We will be focusing on fixing these issues and generally improving the modding experience over the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience!

Mods – A Short Introduction

A mod in Conan Exiles is a single archive file. This file is built from the Dreamworld DevKit and used by the game to load a mod.

To use a mod, you have two options. The first option is to use the Steam Workshop. Simply subscribe to mods, and once they are downloaded you can find them in the "Mods" menu from the Main Menu. You can also use mods that you get outside of the Steam Workshop. Just put the mod file you receive under "<Game install folder>\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods" and it will be available in the in-game mods menu.

To create mods, you must use the Dreamworld DevKit and build the mod to generate a mod file. With this mod file you can either distribute the mod through the Steam Workshop by uploading it from the DevKit, or simply share the file with your friends directly.

Mods – A detailed explanation


To get a mod simply subscribe to a mod from on the workshop page (http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/brow ... touseitems)

Choose which mods to use with the mod menu, accessed from the main menu of the game. After selecting a mod, you can press the left/right arrows to activate/deactivate a mod. Use the up/down arrows to change the load order of the selected mod. The higher up, the earlier the mod will be loaded. By moving a mod above or below the "On Startup" label, you change when the mod will be loaded. Above "On Startup" means the mod will be loaded when the game is first opened (NOTE: requires game restart). Below "On Startup" means the mod will be loaded when starting/joining a game. Some mods might require loading on startup.


Note: The process for running mods outside single player is very crude and manual right now. We are working on making this more automatic and user friendly.

Client side: To join a server with mods, you must first have the same mods the server is running. When joining a server, you will get a message box telling you which mods you are missing. You cannot connect to the server unless you have those mods installed and activated.

Server side: To start a server with mods you must put the mod file (<mod name>.pak) in "<dedicated server folder>/ConanSandbox/Mods/" and add a text file with the paths to those .pak files.

One path per line, with an *(asterisk) before the path like this:

NOTE: The paths are relative to the "Mods" folder, and the asterisk is required to make the mods load properly!

You can set the mods up in your game client, then copy the "<game folder>/ConanSandbox/Mods/modlist.txt" to "<dedicated server folder>/ConanSandbox/Mods/" if you don't want to write the paths yourself.

Then when clients try to connect to the server, we will first check to make sure the clients have those mods downloaded. If not the clients won't be able to connect.

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