What is a RES file and how to make one?

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What is a RES file and how to make one?

Post by Nick|NFo » Mon Nov 08, 2004 7:50 pm

What is a RES file?

A RES file is a basic text file, containing a list of other files associated with a map. The RES file works in tandem with your compiled BSP file. A RES file tells the Half-Life Dedicated Server (HLDS) to send the listed files to clients that do not have the them, potentially to include wads, sounds, etc. The RES file must be named identically to your ".bsp" file, except with a ".res" extension. So if your map is named de_somemap.bsp, you should create a RES file called de_somemap.res. The RES file must be in the same directory as your BSP files on your server, i.e., in the maps folder on your server FTP.

Now lets move on to how to make one.

How to make my own RES file?

The root directory for mods such as Counter-Strike and DoD are cstrike and dod respectively on the FTP of your gameserver.

Now I'm going to create one for my favorite custom map, de_karachi01.

You can open up notepad or wordpad to create this file.

An example de_karachi01.res file would look like:

This format is for Counter-Strike 1.6

Code: Select all



That is all the files required and used by de_karachi01, thus is why I listed them all accordingly. As you can notice, the directory cstrike is never mentioned, just the folders within the cstrike, so this matches with the cstrike directory files and folders on the client. All wads should have no folder before the name of the wad, as shown above.

Now save this file as mapname.res, thus like de_karachi01.res for my example:


Make sure that you select in the field "Save as type:" All Files or it will save it as mapname.res.txt which WILL NOT work on the gameserver. It must be named mapname.res.

Save this file locally, to like your desktop, so you can grab it easier to upload the file to your gameserver.

Now click and drag the res file you just created to the MAPS folder on your FTP for gameserver. You can also copy and paste the file into the maps folder on the FTP.

Congratulations, you have now just made your first res file. Repeat process for each res file you need.

There is one program called RESgen, that you can download here. Resgen is a tool which creates .res files for Half-Life. Its an advanced dos prompt utility that will generate res files for whatever you specify it to do, mainly used for one map at a time. Read the included manual in the zip for more instructions on how to use the utility.
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