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How do I install a custom PsychoStats 2.x Theme?

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 10:57 pm
by Nick|NFo
Follow these steps to install a custom theme on NuclearFallout's hosted PsychoStats webserver:

1. Log into your control panel here.

2. Go to the Stats Manager Tab under the gameserver you currently have PsychoStats with.

3. Using IE or a 3rd party FTP client, you can use the info or click on the FTP link provided to go onto your stats FTP.

4. Double click on the themes folder and you should be here:


Upload the folder of your new theme you wish to install into this location. You can click on the folder from your desktop and drag it into here; or you can copy and paste.

5. Next we need to back out a level, to here:


Drag that config.php to your desktop or edit it using a 3rd party FTP client to edit. If using IE browsers FTP, after placing on the desktop, open it up with Wordpad or Notepad, to edit the file.

6. Look for the following code, it should be near the top:

Code: Select all

// What theme to use. 'psweb' is the standard and default theme.
$conf['theme']  		= 'psweb';
$conf['allowthemechange'] 	= FALSE;
Change the

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$conf['theme']  		= 'psweb';

Code: Select all

$conf['theme']  		= 'newthemename';
7. Save the file and upload the config.php to the FTP, by a simple drag and drop or copy/paste.

8. Go to your stats page, (replace identifier with yours of course) and see your newly changed stats.

NOTE: You cannot run any older themes, ie 1.x based for 2.x based stats that we currently run at NuclearFallout. Make sure your theme is made or is compatible with the current version of PsychoStats hosted (Currently 2.3.3)