Adding maps to your Gameserver (HL1 Mods, Source in Part 2)

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Adding maps to your Gameserver (HL1 Mods, Source in Part 2)

Post by Nick|NFo » Wed Apr 13, 2005 11:42 pm

This tutorial will explain how to upload files for maps using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) by using the one built-in Internet Explorer (IE) as well as various hints for 3rd party FTP clients. FTP clients are very similar in usage.

You can use various other 3rd party FTP clients such as but not limited to:


1. Log into the control panel using Internet Explorer (IE).

2. Click on the Server tab on the left hand side of the server you wish to upload maps to.

3. Click on the File Manager tab on the left hand side.

4. You should now be located on this page, where you can click on the provided FTP link thats hyperlinked.


For those of you that are using 3rd party FTP clients, you can get the information you need to connect to your FTP here as well. All you need is the Hostname (address), port (21), username and password to connect to the FTP server.

5. A FTP window should load up looking like the following:


6. Now there are two methods of uploading the files; you can use the copy/paste method off your desktop, or drag the folders into your FTP and drop them into the FTP window.

For this example, I went to, searched for de_walmart and downloaded the appropriate from one of their mirrors.

First extract the files into their subfolders from the compress file (zip or rar). Now I have a folder named de_walmart on my desktop. Inside this particular folder, I have a folder named cstrike, which is the root or main directory that you see in the FTP window currently (as shown above), such as addons, maps and models folders in there. In the extracted folder on my desktop, I see three folders, gfx, models and maps.


a) Copy/Paste Method:

Click into the white space in the folder, and drag the box to include all the folders, such as the image shows. Then right click on one of the highlighted folders, and select copy.


Now go over to your FTP window, and in the white space in the main directory, select paste. You should see some files being uploaded.


Once all the files are completed, the map and its custom files are installed on the server. There is nothing else that needs to be done to actually run the map on your gameserver. Go rcon changelevel mapname, amx_map mapname or admin_map mapname to change it to your newly installed map.

The next method is the drag and drop, which is similar to copy/paste.

b) Drag/Drop Method:

Highlight all the folders like we did earlier for copy, by clicking and dragging the box to include all folders. Now click on a folder and simply drag it over to the FTP window, you should see an outline of the folders as you move them. Now simply drop (release the mouse button), into a void white space in the FTP window.


You should see the files transferring shortly after you release the button.

This is the most popular way to do it with 3rd party FTP clients.

Note: Sometimes maps are just the *.bsp file, which you would upload to the maps folder on gameserver via FTP. mapname.txt and mapname.res files also go into the maps folder on your gameserver.

7. Now your map is fully installed.

Troubleshooting Map Installs:

1. I installed a new custom map and it crashes everytime I change to it?

This is probably the most common problem with a new custom map which would be missing a model or another critical file needed for the map to run. For example, if I missed a model on the de_walmart map above, my server would crash and output this error in my logs (log files can be found on the FTP, in the logs folder).

Code: Select all

L 04/13/2005 - 20:43:29: FATAL ERROR (shutting down): Mod_NumForName: models/terd.mdl not found
This error tells me that terd.mdl is missing from the models directory, so I must upload that specific model to that directory for the map to work. Now I try the map again and it works. If it does crash again, always check your logs for errors. If the map runs successfully, then you have all the files it needs to run.

2. I uploaded some files and the FTP server gave me an error that I was denied. I don't have any access?

This problem arises when you try to upload a default file, either attempting to replace a default file or another map has a default file in there thats not needed on the gameserver. Skip that file and move along, and the map should load correctly. For Counter-Strike 1.6, we install a bunch of the most popular custom maps played along with your default install, so if you are trying to upload any of those maps or its custom files, you will get this error. You can see the full Counter-Strike 1.6 map list that we install by default to all gameservers for CS 1.6 here.

Part 2, Source coming soon.