Can I run a ping booster?

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Can I run a ping booster?

Post by aMies|NFo » Tue Dec 18, 2007 4:39 pm

No. Ping boosters cause the machine to be used less efficiently and can result in ping spikes and choke, among other things. It is stated in the TOS that ping boosters are illegal to run on NFo gameservers.
Game servers.

Additionally, game servers may not:

+ Run any sort of bot or artificial player, with the exception of bots based on Olo's Fakefull code that sit as spectators and do not interact with players on the server, and the exception of up to four standard bots at a time in CS:Source and Condition Zero servers
+ Run a "ping booster", "ping accelerator" or other such utility which enables the multimedia timer on the server machine, as these can cause significantly increased latencies and load times for all servers on the machine and disrupt additional services such as stats
+ Use more than two gigabytes of hard drive space total
-Andrew "aMies" Miesner

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