How to stop your Ventrilo from being spammed

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How to stop your Ventrilo from being spammed

Post by kraze » Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:58 pm

If your Ventrilo server is being spammed, you can try applying the below precautions to potentially stop or even prevent your server from being spammed.

1. Right click and go to "Server Admin" then click "User Editor.”
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2. Click on the "Guest" account from the left hand side.

3. Once you have clicked on "Guest", select "Network" out of the middle column.

a. Uncheck "Add Phantoms"
b. Uncheck "Record"
c. Change "Duplicate IPs" to "None" or "1"

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4. Now click on the "Transmit" tab.

a. Uncheck "Send pages"
b. Uncheck "Send comments"
c. Uncheck "Generate comment sounds"
d. Uncheck "Event sounds"
e. Uncheck "Use global chat and private chat"
f. Uncheck "Send TTS binds"
g. Uncheck "Send wave files"
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5. Close this window.

6. Right-click and go to "Server Properties.”
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a. Check "Wave"
b. Check "TTS"
c. Select "Chat,Comment,Wave,TTS and Channel.”

Another box will appear like this:
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1. Where it says "Action", select "Kick the user"
2. Where is says "Interval", select "500-1000"
3. Where is says "Times", select "1-2"

Repeat the above steps for all of the filters.

For advanced users

1. Right click and go to "Rcon"
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2. Type "Status" and hit enter. That will display all the users along with their IP so you can manually add them to your ban list.

The above settings are very strict and will remove many functions for guest users. However, they will also help to keep your Ventrilo spam free.
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