Ventrilo server properties?

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Ventrilo server properties?

Post by kraze » Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:08 am

Ventrilo server properties is an easy way of changing some Ventrilo server properties without using your control panel.

To access your Ventrilo server properties right click anywhere and go to server admin then server properties.

Comment:Comment is basically a line of text that will display next to your main channel

Channel Ordering: This setting will either sort your channels by alphabet or allow you to do so manually.

Display MOTD: This will force users on connect to see and close the servers MOTD manually.

Guest logins: This will allow X amount of guest to connect to your server. We suggest leaving this alone.

Auto kick: This is automatically kick all guest after a certain amount of time.

Auto ban: This settings will automatically ban guest after X amount of time.

Time out: This will either kick users from the server or move them to an AFK channel after X amount of idle time.

Remote status: This allows third party tools such as game tracker to see users,channels in your server.

Require remote status: This settings will make it so users must show their username while connected to your server.

Spam Filters: Their is no default setting for spam filters and they must be set up manually.

Bind Filters:This option just allows you to enable or disable filters for TTS and wave.
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