How to make everyone the same volume?

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How to make everyone the same volume?

Post by kraze » Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:31 pm

Below is a cool little feature in Ventrilo, which will allow you to make everyone the same volume. This can be really useful if you are talking to people who do not know how to turn their mic up or down. Below settings are good and will work, however some tweaking is going to be required.

Gain 0
This can usually be left at 0, unless you're having difficulty hearing most of the people on the channel. Gain controls how much volume is sent to the compressor. Turning it up a little (10 or 15) may help, but turning it up a lot causes significant sound degradation.

Attack 0.01
Attack determines how quickly the effect is applied to the sound, in milliseconds, and can be turned down to the minimum of 0.01. The default is 10, which is also quite fast. The maximum of 500 creates an unpleasant half second delay before a loud incoming sound is adjusted.

Release 200 - 500
The length of time the compressor remains on after the sound has stopped is determined with the Release setting. The default of 200 milliseconds typically works, but some people turn this up to 500 or even 1000 (1 second).

Threshold -30
The level at or above which the compressor kicks in is the Threshold. -30 will make the quiet people a bit more audible, while still keeping the loud types from blasting you. This setting is measured in decibels, with 0 being very loud and -60 being very quiet.

Ratio 100
Ratio sets how much variation in volume remains after the compressor has done its job. Most people put this right up to 100 so there is as little variation in volume as possible. Although the default setting of 3 leaves some variation in, it also works.

Pre delay 4.0
This is a digital sound processor function that determines how far your system "looks ahead" for sounds that need adjustment, again in milliseconds. This is best left at the maximum of 4.

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