Ventrilo rcon commands

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Ventrilo rcon commands

Post by kraze » Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:49 pm

banadd <ip[/bits]> <reason>

Adds an IP address, or subnet address, and a reason for the banning to the ban list and ban file. If you specify a subnet like then any IP address that starts with 192.168 will be banned, whereas would ban anything that starts with 192.168.67.

bandel <ip[/bits]>

Deletes an IP address from the ban list. Starting with version 1.03 this command will automatically update the ban file. Similar to banadd if you want to remove a ban address that is specified by a subnet then you must also specify the same ip and subnet in the bandel command.


This option will display all of the banned IP addresses, the user name of the IP address, the admin who banned them and a reason why

clientkick <uid>

Instructs the server to disconnect a user where <uid> is the users connection ID number.

clientstatus <uid>

This option will output more detailed information about a specified client.

comment <text>

This option is no longer supported. Use the client Server Properties window to change the server comment.

diag < 0 | 1 >

Allows the diagnostic mode to be changed dynamically. This feature is only valid to the developer.


Displays the list of possible console commands.


Kicks all clients connected to the server. If issued via the RCon window from an admining client, that client is exempted from the kick.

loggrep <lines> <search text>

Allows the servers log file to be searched for a specific piece of text. If lines is 0 then all matching entries will be displayed, otherwise only the last number of <lines> specified matching the search will be displayed. The search string does NOT support regular expressions and all comparisons are case sensitive.
WARNING: Using this command may cause the server to momentarily interrupt voice communication for all clients depending on the size of the log file. It's also possible that the results will be too long and potentially flood the requesters connection with too much information, thus causing the server to disconnect you. It is probably best that you always specify a number of <lines> to limit the results.


This option will display the total number of slots that the server is configured to handle.

monitor < 0 | 1 >

This option is only valid when requested from a remote client using the Rcon window. It instructs the server to send all status and log messages to the client that typed this command. The monitor command is turned on by setting the value to 1, and turned off by a value of 0.


This option will display the server's name and current comment.

password <newpassword>

Starting with version 2.3.0 this option is no longer available. You will need to edit the INI file by hand or use your hosting companies Ventrilo control panel to change the password.

pingrate <1..10>

Allows for changing the interval (specified in seconds) that the server will ping the clients.

pingtrace < -2 | -1 | 0 | 1..n >

Allows for tracing the ping results as they are reported back from the clients. This option is only valid when issued by remote clients and does not work from the server's console window.
-2 = Display the ping results for those clients that are in the same channel.
-1 = Display the ping results for all clients.
0 = Ping tracing disabled.
1..n = Display the ping results for a specific client (specifies the UID)


Forces the server to shutdown. If the server was started by an NT Service control program then it will be automatically restarted in 10 seconds.


Output detailed status information about the server and specified interfaces.


Displays the user id, channel id, login name and IP address for all of the connected users.

timestamp < 0 | 1 >

Enables or disables displaying timestamp's on console and remote console server messages.

tts <text>

This option will send out a Text-to-speech message to all users connected to the server, no matter which channel they are currently in. The <text> can be anything you want. This command and the comment command could be very useful if you are hosting a server that is reserved for a specific amount of time and you want to send TTS messages informing the connected users about how much time remains before the server is shutdown.
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