How do I force downloads? (res file)

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How do I force downloads? (res file)

Post by Nick|NFo » Tue Mar 11, 2008 2:30 pm

Source Server RES file

In the maps directory, you need to create a file named mapname.res that lists all the custom resources required by the map, as explained above.

However, there is a different format for the RES files, in a different structure than explained for Counter-Strike 1.6.

The format is as follows:

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    "materials/de_eftd/rock6.vmt" "file"
    "sounds/misc/yoohoo.wav" "file"

Add all the resources of your map on their own line until you have added them all.

You must have the "file" parameter, because the .res file places each file with the value parameter, "file", which signifies that its a map resource file and must be downloaded.

The RES file must be in the maps directory on the gameserver as well as the maps directory on the HTTP download location, via using sv_downloadurl (metro's tutorial provides more information on how to set that up, or you can use our sync tool on the Website tab of your control panel).

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