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How do I transfer my site from another host to NFO?

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:56 pm
by Edge100x
Typically this requires:

1. Transferring the files through SFTP from your old host to us
2. Exporting the database(s) on the old host (typically with phpmyadmin)
3. Creating new databases here through your Databases page
4. Importing your old databases (with phpmyadmin or the mysql command-line client) into the new ones
5. Updating any configuration files to make sure that the database names, paths, and URLs are correct
6. Testing to make sure the site works on your free provided subdomain
7. Pointing your domain at us by updating the DNS servers at your registrar to NS1.NFOSERVERS.COM and NS2.NFOSERVERS.COM, then adding it to the Domains page here
8. Testing to make sure that the site works at its permanent URL, on your domain