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CoD4 Server Administration Guide

Post by aMies|NFo » Thu Nov 29, 2007 6:05 pm

Here are several commands and information that may assist many people in the administration of their CoD4 servers. The // next to the commands are simply to describe the use of the command and should not be included when executing the command.

General Server Administration
/rcon login xxxxx // Used to login to your servers "remote control." xxxxx represents your password
/rcon say // Send a console message to players in your server
/rcon status // Displays a list of the people currently connected to the server
/rcon serverinfo // Displays server setting information
/rcon tell # // Sends a private message to the specified ID.

Kick & Ban Administration
/rcon clientkick # // Using the ID displayed in the Status command you can kick a specific user
/rcon banuser xxxx // Bans a user by their ingame name. Writes their GUID to ban.txt. xxxx represents the users name.
/rcon banclient # // Using the ID displayed in the Status command you can ban a specific user
/rcon tempbanuser xxxx // Kicks and temporarily bans player by name from server.
/rcon tempbanclient # // Kicks and temporarily bans player by client id from server
/rcon unban xxxx // Unban every player banned with specified name. If you want to unban a single player whose name appears more than once, you should edit "ban.txt" manually.

Map Administration
/rcon map xxxx // Loads a specific map. xxxx represents the map name
/rcon map_rotate // Loads next map in rotation set in the sv_maprotation .
/rcon map_restart // Restart the current map.

Changing Gametype
To change the gametype of your current map follow the instructions below:
  • 1. Make sure you are logged into rcon. (/rcon login xxx)
    2. Set your gametype using /rcon g_gametype "xxx" where xxx should be replaced with the gametype. (Gametype abbreviations can be found below)
    3. Reload the map using /rcon map_restart
Listed below are the gametypes available in CoD4 along with their abbreviation to be used when setting the gametype in-game.

Deathmatch "dm"
Domination "dom"
Team Deathmatch "war"
Sabotage "sab"
Search & Destroy "sd"
King of the Hill "koth"

Note: Capture the flag has not been included in CoD4.

Map List
Backlot - mp_backlot
Block - mp_bloc
Bog - mp_bog
Cargoship - mp_cargoship
CityStreets - mp_citystreets
Convoy - mp_convoy
Countdown - mp_countdown
Crash - mp_crash
Crossfire - mp_crossfire
Farm - mp_farm
Overgrown - mp_overgrown
Pipeline - mp_pipeline
Shipment - mp_shipment
Showdown - mp_showdown
Strike - mp_strike
Vacant - mp_vacant

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