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How to setup mIRC for IRC Support

Posted: Sun Oct 17, 2004 3:37 pm
by Nick|NFo
We use IRC (Internet Relay Chat) as one easy way to connect with customers (and prospective customers) and provide them real-time support. The easiest way to connect to IRC and chat with us is to use the mIRC client.

Here is a quick tutorial to get you up and running with mIRC

1.) Download mIRC from their website:

2.) Install mIRC.

3.) Click the tab to launch mIRC.


4.) mIRC will launch right into the options dialog, showing Full Name, Email address, Nickname and Alternative.


You must fill out text in each of these fields, especially an email in its correct form, and two nicknames

5.) Click on Servers tab on the left hand side under Connect, and you will see IRC Networks and IRC servers. Under IRC Network, click the drop down menu to select GameSurge. Then I recommend that you select GameSurge: Random US Server


6.) Click the Connect to Server button below and wait to be connected to GameSurge.

7.) Once connected, you can use the window called a status window and type /join #nfo-support


8.) You are set and connected to our support channel.

If you already have mIRC set up, you can connect directly to us at irc://

If you having trouble, try using the GameSurge web interface.

Good Luck and have fun using mIRC.