Would NFO be willing to rent out instances of my game?

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Would NFO be willing to rent out instances of my game?

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If you're a game developer and have a game that you would like us to add to our offerings, please make sure that it meets these basic requirements for effective shared hosting:
  • Configuration through files in a standard folder tree that can be specified by the host
  • Support for multiple independent servers run on the same machine
  • Support for running as a standard user (one not in the Administrator group)
  • Support for running without a hardware-accelerated graphics card
  • Low CPU usage when the server is empty (most games sit at 0%)
  • The ability to query the server for simple information such as the number of connected players
We also recommend having SteamPipe-distributed publicly downloadable server files, though this is not a requirement.

If you have the basics in place, please contact us directly to talk about setting up your game here.

We also have a program that provides free dedicated servers for new game releases! Whether or not your game can be run in our normal system here, this program may apply to you.
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