Why go anywhere else but NFOSERVERS?

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Why go anywhere else but NFOSERVERS?

Post by Airit3ch » Mon Dec 09, 2019 4:01 pm

Over my years of self-hosting all of my game servers and websites, I have never met a better company to deal with when it comes to website and VPS hosting than NFO-Servers. Whenever I am asked for recommendations, I tell them to go nowhere but nfoservers.

The support staff are all amazing, if you make a support thread within the hours when they are online, you WILL get a knowledgeable response from an actual system administrator who works on these machines within minutes. 100% US Based.
They are friendly, extremely knowledgeable and awesome people to work with. I have never had a bad experience with them, and they even kept their cool one time when I insisted a problem was on their end, but in fact as they claimed, it was on my end. You'll even get the occasional message from the CEO

VPS/Dedicated Machine Hosting:
Not a lot of companies can say that they actually OWN the machines that they are renting out, most hosting companies rent from some datacenter. They own the hardware and own the bandwidth to the hardware. I can tell from experience that their servers are TRULY underloaded. Most companies try and make the absolute most money that they can from the servers that they are renting, by jamming them full of VPS's and potentially game servers. I have never had a performance problem, and when running synthetic benchmarks, the results speak for themselves. All of that, for low prices? Insane.

12 terabytes of bandwidth at gigabit speed on a 2 core 2gb RAM VPS? That's insane. Usually, a machine this size rented out anywhere else would MAYBE come with 2 tb of bandwidth. And probably not even that.

$2.99 A month Webhosting with a feature set that makes the big boys look like chumps? Unlimited disk space, unlimited databases, unlimited bandwidth, SHELL ACCESS, UNLIMITED EMAIL, Unlimited subdomains, Easy installers, daily backups? For 2.99?! NFO servers you're crazy. 50 Simultaneous connections, per se, doesn't mean that only 50 people can be on your website at once, it means that it can handle 50 requests at a time, and that's an apache configuration that defined as "The maximum number of requests to allow during a persistent connection" If a user doesn't request something for around 15 seconds, that's no longer counted as a connection. This hosting would be fine for almost ALL small businesses, for $2.99 a month. And if you buy a game server through them, you get this plan for FREE. I wouldn't even bother self-hosting a website from a VPS through them when they offer this ridiculously feature-rich plan for this low of a price. If they ever offer domain hosting I'll have my one-stop shop.

DDoS Protection:
A lot, if not all VPS hosting companies claim DDoS protection. I would say MAYBE 25% of them actually have some sort of ddos protection available, and chances are you probably have to pay for it. One of my initial reasons for switching to nfoservers years ago was a game server getting ddosed. I've hosted game servers through 2 large hosting companies, and one smaller company, all of which were claiming DDoS protection. All it would take to take down every single one of those servers from those companies was a simple empty UDP packet flood to the port the game server was using, using hping3, and the server would be offline. I would get no notification, and the support staff couldn't do a thing about it. Remember, this is an empty UDP packet flood, coming from the same IP, and none of them could handle it. After switching to NFO servers and testing it, there was not a single second of connection interrupted, and you get a notification on your control panel telling you what type of attack it was, and an example packet. After switching my VPS over to nfoservers, I watched the attackers try 5 different attacks and NFOservers caught all of them, without a hitch. Boy would I of loved to see the look on their face. Even the web hosting gets the same DDoS protection as VPS's and gameservers, but they even handle web-based attacks which are more tricky to handle, and even those get mitigated. And if one were to ever get by, the CEO of the company would probably step in, and make sure that it does get mitigated. All of this protection offered for FREE on every VPS, dedicated machine, game server AND webhosting.

Things that could improve:
Not much.
I would suggest that the control panel and order system get an update as it looks and seems outdated, but I'm sure that's already in the works.
Another thing that would be cool, is if all their VPS hosting packages were switched to all SSD storage, and they kept the storage space the same, that would make them completely over the top on ALL aspects.

In conclusion, I'll probably never go with anybody else unless the personal situation of what I need isn't offered by nfoservers, and so far, that's never happened, and I can't really see a situation where I would need anything else. All this, backed by a hosting company that's been in business for over a decade. I can see nothing but growth for this company, with the rich feature set at amazing prices with an amazing support staff. Rock on nfoservers, and thank you for all you do. 10/10. I've never written a review for a hosting company before that was a good thing, but with nfoservers it seemed necessary.

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