I dont really know...

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I dont really know...

Post by afitz200 » Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:04 am

I don't really know, a word, that could describe what NFO has done for me.


They all fit NFO perfectly.

I have been a NFO customer for, 6-7 months now.
It started with me and a friend having a dream of owning one of the "cool servers"
So we purchased a Arma2 OA server from NFO, And we worked hard,
We did our job, NFO did there job.
During those moments, when we started coding and adding scripts left and right, 5-10-15-25-50-100 AI, the server ran beautifully! Most people look for outstanding support, DDos protection, and just random things that they feel a good host should have. I look for someone that does there job. I pay for a server, The server stays up. Were good. I got what I wanted, and I cant thank NFO enough for that.
Needless to say, my server didnt last long, as I suck at startups!
Decided to buy a VPS/VDS.
The support team answered all my dumb questions that I may have known but wanted to confirm, and made the step to upgrade to a VPS/VDS easier than I could have imagined, taking away my fears and doubt.
Skip a month or so and I have 2 servers running that have enough to sustain our dreams.

Made my life easier,
No Catches
Great service
Great prices
You are a idiot to go to someone else.
Keep it up NFO
Dont go bankrupt on me :D

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