Extremely surprised..

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Extremely surprised..

Post by francesgriffiths » Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:53 pm

I've been hosting servers on Garry's Mod for quite some time now. I've hosted quite a few if I'm honest, maybe even too much..

I have been through some shockingly bad server hosts.
One server host took my server down for a full week and refused to answer why, when I threatened to take legal action they eventually put it back up with the excuse of "We didn't know it was down."
Another host had AWFUL DDoS protection, as a lot of you may or may not know G-Mod in general attracts a lot of children who think taking down a server is cool, when it's just irritating and inconvenient so this grew to be a large problem with this host.
I could honestly write for hours and hours about these horrific servers hosts, ranging from having 600 ping to having the server wiped or "updated" as they put it.

But.. I'd much rather talk about why you should join NFO servers.

If, like me, you want a reliable, fast and amazing service then honestly NFO are the best choice.

The reason I decided to write this today is that an old "acquaintance" of mine came onto my server causing trouble. And after multiple reports about him I decided a permanent ban would be the way forward. And not long after he was banned, the server began to lag.. Well, I say lag.. it was more of a hiccup. NFO's protection is amazing. We "lagged" for 20 seconds before NFO protected the server and after that, we felt nothing.

Now, in past experiences [even with the most noob-ish of DDoSers] the server would be down for 8hours +. No joke. And as this would be a regular occurance [at least 4 times a week], this would cause hell on my server and as the owner I am expected to fix it or at least prevent the DDoS.

I was then recommended NFO by a friend, and it is the best decision that I have EVER made in regards to server hosting. My server is hosted in Frankfurt, and I live in the UK, but I have 20-30 ping. When on other servers hosted in the UK I'd have 50-70.

My server filled up to 20/24 on the first day that it was officially up. I now have an amazing community of people and I can't thank NFO enough.


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