1 year on at NFO Servers

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1 year on at NFO Servers

Post by Limex » Sat May 30, 2015 1:18 am

Hi All

I've been with NFO for just over a year now so thought as I was on the forums, I'd pop by and post a new testimonial.

I run a roleplay game server (+ attached forum) which can have up to 80 players online and in total there is probably 250 or more active players, many of whom take part in our forum so it's a nice little community.

Before coming to NFO, we were being hit by DDOS attacks regularly and it was impacting our ability to operate. We would be null routed every few weeks and we switched through a handful of providers, regularly being hit by either terrible customer service, blunt attitudes to DDOS attacks or bad performance on the server.

Switching to NFO for our main game server VDS was without a doubt the best decision I've ever made. It really is all round perfection. The support response times at 2PM or 2AM are lightning fast and they are honest, genuine people with a no-bull**** approach who will hold their hands up if they either don't know the answer or if they are proved wrong. The performance on the server is honestly double what it should be (or should I say exactly what it should be). You've raised my expectations as to how a VDS should perform and I won't be accepting low quality from anybody going forward.

The DDOS detection and mitigation is just ace. Over the course of a year, purely from memory, we've received atleast 50 DDOS attacks. All of these have resulted in no more than 30 seconds of service degradation. We also regularly receive less severe attacks that don't necessarily get picked up but do impact service and the firewall tab a long with the printouts of traffic accessible in the control panel has helped contain most of those very quickly. I've occasionally asked for a bit of extra help on this and somebody has got back to me quickly.

We are being hit with a little lag when we hit 85 players online so I have took the decision last week to upgrade the server (double RAM, an additional CPU core and an SSD drive where I will offload some write heavy parts of the server). Some years ago we were hitting 150 players daily and I'm hoping to reach that stage again so NFO will get more business from me if I need to go further with upgrades. I have also now migrated our Ventrilo server to NFO as well as my personal email account via a small web hosting package.

So to summarise all that..

10/10 for stability / performance.
10/10 for customer service.
10/10 for pricing.

A big fat 5 stars to NFO Servers.


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