What a ripoff!

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What a ripoff!

Post by BnD|Sleeper » Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:26 pm

Yep, most other carriers are a ripoff.

For example, NFo charges $49.99 for a Premium Los Angeles 20 slot CS 1.6 server.

That includes:
10 slot ventrilo server (normally $4.99)
10 slot HLTV server (normally $6.99)
4GB Webspace with automated sv_downloadurl scripts (elsewhere $6.95)
Once a day stats included in website ("included" with web hosting from other places, but requires setup and can be tedious)
Support! (Live chat, mIRC, e-mail, and forums)
Increased server-side FPS and quality (elsewhere up to $20 extra)

So just with those features, you are only paying $5 + $7 + $7 + $15 = $34 or so in FREEBIES. You would pay $50 a month for $34 worth of 'free' products with a cost of $16 for 20 slot game server if you calculate it like this.

NFoservers.com is not trying to appeal to the DIY audience (Do-it-yourself) except they do have astonishing quality the majority of the time. They are appealing to the large majority (mainstream) market, those users who need a reliable server with everything they need for making a successful community/clan/establishment.

They do have a cheaper alternative for anyone interested in LITERALLY JUST the game server (no support or freebies) but I will leave that for them to advertise on their own website if they desire or tell you.

But don't take it from me, an NFo server owner since November 2004 with a server among the top 2% in the world, learn for yourself by ordering your own free 2 day trial NFo server! I believe you will be pleasantly surprised how much you like it!

Sleeper @ bndclan.com

WC3:FT CS 1.6: wc3.bndclan.com:27015 or

http://rentals.nuclearfallout.net/rent. ... ferrer=bnd

This is my homepage
This is my homepage
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Re: What a ripoff!

Post by DontWannaName » Sat Sep 13, 2008 12:11 am

Im going to go rent one now! Thanks for the link BND! :wink: :wink:

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