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Post by phreaK » Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:31 am

Great Server Provider. I have had my server for about a month and a half to 2 months. i have had a server from all the big companies out their, Galore, NextGen, Gameservers, Velocity and now NFO.
Gameservers to be brutally honest, are just horrible. I think teams should refrain form using them as match servers. Their support is by email and is very slow.
Galore was pretty good, but I had to cancel. i did like them though.
Velocity was good too, but their 1000FPS didnt impress me all too much.
NextGens server was awesome... BUT their service was terrible was TERRIBLE, it took 10 years for a server restart, and their employees are A-holes when you get all mad at them for effing up when its their fault.

Short story (maybe), I talked to support on AIM for NextGen about 2 months ago to cancel, because my friends at maNup Gaming had a 2000FPS like I have now. I THOUGHT i had said i wanted my server cancelled and I THOUGHT that was being taken care of from what i was told to do. The support agent said after he was done eating dinner, it would be done and the subscription over. so i went on playing CSS and 2 weeks later i get an invoice for them. being the rager i am, i got nasty, and the same person i talked to before said i never asked him to cancel my account, which was a complete lie. SO i had to pay 55 more bucks which ticked me off and made me negative bucks in my bank account. so i got everything settled. and after that, i cancelled my subscription without support on september 3rd through paypal. well turns out, 3 days ago i get ANOTHER invoice for 55 bucks for a server and vent that hasnt been up in a month!!!!! and they chewed me out for chewing them out and i sent them a screenshot of my paypal and it shut them up. the "refunded" my 55 bucks, which hasnt actually been refunded. later today or tomorrow, im going to my bank with my laptop to show proof of their BS, and they will have pay back the 90 bucks for the server refund + overdraft.

Thats my story on those A-holes at NextGen. Like i said good server, horrible service= extreme customer dissatisfaction.

After that i came to NFO like my friends at maNup Gaming. i bought a 2000FPS server and its awesome!!! so many people complain to me about how you guys suck, how you route your servers all screwy, and how the reg sucks. i have never once had to complain about reg EVER except when the server hasnt been restarted for 5 days which is understandable for any company really. and really, we only have to restart the server once every 5 days cause it runs strong that whole time. Theres only 2 things i have had problems with. those are the voice, which was fixed very speedily by one of your agents for meh, and the CAL lo3 config. one of your agents sent me an ultra config, but i didnt really use it. so i had to edit the lo3 config for use on the boosted server. those werent any issues i could hate you guys for, just stating i guess.

Overall the server is overall great. The reg is great. For the 2 CAL matches we have used it for this season, it has done all but upset me and my team. :D
Be sure to see me around for while unless i cant afford the server any longer.

Thanks for your service!

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Re: NFO....

Post by DontWannaName » Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:00 pm

Go rate the servers here: and rate the other GSP's. Im stunned that game servers is in the top 5, they are crap, like the off brand ketchup at the grocery store! I wonder how much they paid for that spot... Im also surprised NFO got a bad review, looks like the guy had no idea how to run a server. Pity.

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