Some of the Best VPS's around and the best network backbone

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Some of the Best VPS's around and the best network backbone

Post by RainMotorsports » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:08 am

Just over 3 months in I have to say I am thrilled with both the server and the support NFO has to offer.

I was looking to replace my shared web hosting with something a little more flexible and a faster connection. It was between building a rack and collocating it or renting the cheapest server possible. Neither was a terribly cheap solution. I would never consider a VPS due to the ridiculous amount of nothing given for any particular amount of money and the . I am a member of True Born Gaming ( which rents game servers through NFO. So I took a look and I could not believe the options. Not only could I afford to run a decent small web server, I could do it without breaking my tiny little wallet. Window's server for no extra charge is a blessing though at these prices I could afford the 10 bucks a month most places charge.

The support could not be any easier, faster or better. From a server not starting after a move between locations to changing a billing date to suite record keeping. They have handled everything as quickly as can be asked.

As far as performance I of course benched the hell out of the VDS before putting it to use. The processor availability and performance matches what you would expect from the processor given. A web server is not often demanding in a continuous manner though it could be. I tested it with CiniBench and compared it to my old Core 2 Duo which is a much higher clock speed. As can be expect with 2 threads off of a W3520 it performs better. The RAID storage also performs pretty well most of the time, its shared manner has its down falls but it performed good enough for me under a synthetic test.
Bench Shots:
Note that 2 threads in Cinibench puts out a pretty low score. My C2D @ 3Ghz was around 1.2 I believe. 2 threads off my i5-2500K @ 4.5Ghz was somewhere around 3.5 which is to be expected.

As far as the connection goes while I will rarely sustain much more than 100 Mbps so just the idea of something faster and the ability to not have to worry about throttling my users is awesome. I haven't gotten much use out of it myself since I still have a ton of development ahead of me but I donated about half of my capacity to some Android developers in the mean time and it has performed admirably.
Speed Tests have rung out a bit like this:

I also ran a counterstrike server for kicks and a lot of people had fun with that for a little while. I can not recommend NFO enough to people.

I have seen the questions and confusion regarding the "HT Cores". Plain and simple NFO isn't overloading their VDS setups. This particular server has a 4 core Xeon that has hyperthreading or is dual threaded if you will. Thats 8 logical threads (HT Cores) and before someone goes hold up what about the performance in assigning someone a a non native thread. Not every VDS on the server is utilizing every physical/logical core on the box at a given time. Just like programs running on your home computer each thread is assigned out by a scheduler based on priority and load. Hypervisor's like XEN do the exact same thing. If several clients have a big load going and my web server VDS is idling doing almost nothing its threads are much more likely to process when priority threads stall on a cache miss etc exactly the way Hyper threading is designed to work. You should not notice any real difference the load goes where it should. It's very unlikely every client will load a server to the point of a performance problem for other client's. If it happened either someone's overloading their own server or has a serious need for something better.

The VDS performs on demand and when it matters. Any potential client should not be worried and you will have a difficult time finding a better VPS/VDS provider at this price point. The 2 day trial doesn't hurt at all either just to make sure. Look no further make NFO your next home!

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Re: Some of the Best VPS's around and the best network backb

Post by FAST » Mon Apr 30, 2012 7:02 pm

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