NFO +1 year review

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NFO +1 year review

Post by Sorry » Wed May 16, 2012 5:40 pm

We started up a clan in October 2010 with some old friends for Bad Company 2. We went with a popular "discount" server provider. Performance could be decent and also could be horrible with rubberbanding. Building server traffic was difficult because our guests were complaining too. My tickets were answered with "this is netlag, we will restart your box", "you have too many plugins running". We were running 5 very simple plugins. The day came were we hit rubberbanding and the server crashed and never came back up. We were down 4 days while they repaired the box. They never really said what was wrong with it. One more time with rubberbanding and disconnects, we knew we had to make a change. We are all computer hobbyists that built our own computers. We thought we would have to rent a dedicated server to get decent performance. :cry: I looked at the top servers in BC2 and NFO was the provider for most. So we dropped both BC2 servers and came over to NFO in March 2011. NFO is more money but it is worth it. We rent per slot and what is a difference it was! There was no need to for us to get a dedicated server! I could run max plugins and it had no effect on performance, it was amazing. Traffic shot up, and we developed a following that followed us into BF3.

Things that were different that I liked at NFO.

#1. Server health CPU and Ram usage. We had no knowledge of this at our previous provider. With the NFO load balancing system we were transferred to a box that had the best BC2 performance that we could of asked for. I was killing what I was shooting at! lol.

#2. They show exactly what type of equipment you are on. There isn't any "mystery" out of date equipment like our previous provider.

#3. Tech support has been great. They always respond in a quick manner, and leave no question unanswered.

#4. The programming John has done with control panel is great. It isn't the stale TCP panel that has been used for 10 years like other providers. It is always being updated, we appreciate his "adjust player limit automatically" We use that to this day. He made changes when BF3 came out to make handling of screenshots easier.

#5. Moving to BF3 from Bc2 was difficult with the instabilty and crashing(not NFO's fault). We posted our gripes in the NFO forums, and they were all answered. Changes where added to the control panel to easily get a new serverid so we could be listed in the battlelog search again. When EA decided to make idle kick time locked at 300 seconds, John reported back to them that this was not acceptable by the NFO community. It was difficult enough to fill a server with the poor battlelog browser, then being kicked every 5 minutes? This was reversed and probally saved our small community.

#6. I don't see lag on our server. A couple of times over the year we had a DDOS on our network but our ticket was quickly answered with the exact cause of the problem.

Thanks again from the [WcR] clan previously [D9]. We couldn't imagine using anybody else for our server needs! :D


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