6 Years of NFo

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6 Years of NFo

Post by IcEWoLF » Sun Aug 05, 2012 8:54 pm

Damn, it feels like yesterday, It has really been 6 years?
I remember going on IRC first time ever and asked some pre-sale questions, I think Joker & Nick were helping me with some pre-sale questions.

Before then I use to play in the community servers that NFo use to host for a while, during the 1.6 days.
My first server I ever rented was in Seattle, it became an instant hit 24/7 D2/Office maps. It use to cost a bit back then for CS:S servers here at NFo, but they provided a damn good service and people loved their pings due to Internap Bandwidth.

Eventually I decided to move in San Jose because most of my user base was in the South Cali area and the server popularity sky rocketed at that moment also.

NFo support & the reliable type of service that NFo provided has kept me here for so many years and I am not disappointed at all.

I am happy to also say that NFo took care all of my support tickets, never ever a support ticket went unresolved.

I run a pretty good size community: www.47r-squad.com and lets be upfront here, without NFo and the excellent service NFo has provided over the years we would not be here today.
My squad has been around for 9 years now since the Black Hawk Down days and we were on the verge of calling it quits since things didn't work out well after BHD died down and our BF2 server wasn't become popular.

Since then, we moved on to CS:S and we didn't have a huge community, we had a group of 5 people that were on a regular basis and we did not have luck with previous GSP's.

So we decided to give NFo servers a try and our server became #2 ranked in Seattle right behind Up in Smoke server, it was a huge accomplishment.
This helped reviving our community; from then on we took off and never came back down.
Fast forwarding now we run multiple servers, we have a huge community, we are one of the most popular CS:S servers here in the US/West Coast, couldn't be happier.

People Donate to keep our servers up because we provide a fun & positive experience without the hassle of a laggy server.

With that said, I am looking forward for another amazing year with NFo.

John & To'mas created an awesome company that truly cares about their clients and the level of service they provide.

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