The Very Best

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The Very Best

Post by MrOmega » Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:01 am

I have used NFOservers before, and I have to say, they are the very BEST.

The support is absolutely fantastic, responds in minutes, and they actually know what there talking about.
I am always going to choose NFOservers over ANYONE else, even if the others are half the price, NFO is good for a reason.

Everyone says NFO is over priced, and I don't even think so, this is what I believe, your buying for quality, not quantity, anyone can overfill a machine and say it's cheap, but it will lag and ruin your gaming experience.

I am soon going to be setting up another game server with NFO, and I don't even have to look at other hosts, they can't compare. Others and no where near the quality as NFOservers is.

Great job everyone, you have made me a very happy customer.

~MrOmega / Infliction
(Old customer)

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