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Barathea Networks |developers wanted|

Post by Zombiekiller804 » Sat May 09, 2015 2:35 am

Welcome members of NFO. I might know of some of you who do dev type jobs. I Ace Of Spades is here today to find an amount of four devs. Below I will have the requirements and what you will have to do. With also the info of what each job does. If you are interested please contact me via steam . Thank you.

Developer positions open:

#1 Half-Life 2 Roleplay developer
#2 Half-Life 2 Roleplay developer
#3 VPS Managment/developer Web hosting developer (Help make Fast DL work, manage the servers to make sure they work correctly, And also for least check the server files and support with the other developers of location. With a job to possibly make servers too.)
#4 Forum Developer


1.Over the age of 18+ (Must meet contract requirements)
2. Knows how to CW code, with the side of Lua code (HL2RP)
3. Knows how to use CSS, HTML, basic knowledge of how to make forms better with an example of knowing how to make a donation page.
4. You must be professional at your job because this is a paycheck permanent placing

What you will have to do:

Sign a legally paid contract saying of that you shall not break an of our terms. (Steal from us, Mess around with files, etc.)
Possibly do background checking of age (depends on sound of your voice)

What you will get:

A payment is depending on the effort. If you do well the better paychecks, you get. The dangerous work and non-active of support you shall be placed on a pay cut.

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