SAMP Connection drop

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SAMP Connection drop

Post by Nathaniel » Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:21 am

Hello guys!
Yesterday I switched from ovh to nfo vps.
I started getting some weird problems with my server.
After couple minutes of playing (sometimes seconds) my server restarts and i start getting connection lost and this message:

Code: Select all

[13:26:00] Lost connection to the server. Reconnecting..

[13:26:00] The server is restarting..

[13:26:00] Connecting to

[13:26:00] Connected. Joining the game...

[13:26:01] CONNECTION REJECTED: Unacceptable NickName

[13:26:01] Please choose another nick between and 3-20 characters

[13:26:01] Please use only a-z, A-Z, 0-9

[13:26:01] Use /quit to exit or press ESC and select Quit Game
At first I thought it my script that is causing the connection drops but then I switched to default grandlarc and this is still happening!

Code: Select all

[13:12:47] AMX (157803736) loaded
[13:12:47] Number of vehicle models: 89
[13:12:47] [connection] requests connection cookie.
[13:12:48] [connection] incoming connection: id: 0
[13:12:49] [npc:join] Driver_NPC has joined the server (0:
[13:13:07] [connection] requests connection cookie.
[13:13:08] [connection] incoming connection: id: 1
[13:13:08] [join] Will_Smith has joined the server (1:
[13:13:35] [npc:part] Driver_NPC has left the server (0:0)
[13:14:39] [connection] incoming connection: id: 0
[13:14:45] [part] Will_Smith has left the server (1:0)
Is there something I must configure in control panel ?
I don't know what to do anymore..

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Re: SAMP Connection drop

Post by PRolepaly » Fri Apr 10, 2020 5:04 am

Got the same issue!,
Can someone check my acccount?
I tried transfering to other NFO server FROM LA to Chicago, Tried running Ubuntu18, CentOS 7 ,CentOS 6 and Debian 9, But still.
I have running the same game files in other vps and no issues at all.

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