save exp by player name

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save exp by player name

Post by wepainters » Mon Feb 14, 2005 4:18 pm

hello i just reset the exp on our server and wish to
change the way we save a players exp.

the cs server is running ultimate warcraft3

i have set these in the frozen throne config file

the server is still saving by steam id and i wish it to save by a players name is this still possible?
am i missing something somwhere

mp_savexp 0 // Enables saving of experience (uses a vault, default is 0)

sv_mysql 0 // this will save w/MySQL (note: to use this mp_savexp must also be 1, default is 0)

sv_mysql 0 // this will save w/MySQL (note: to use this mp_savexp must also be 1, default is 0)

FT_saveby 2 // What should I save this as? steam id = 0, IP = 1, name = 2 (works for vault and mysql, default is 0)
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Post by metro » Mon Feb 14, 2005 5:33 pm

If you are doing long term saved XP, then you need to change the value of mp_savexp from 0 to 1 or the XP will not save. If you are doing short term XP, then you do not have to change everything and XP will reset on the map change.

I would suggest keeping your XP saved by Steam ID. If you save it by player name, it could cause your Vault to get cluttered and slow down response time on map changes because it will have a lot more to load into the memory for the server. Saving by name will also cause a player to have to completely start over on XP if they change their name in the game, and they will have to remember what names have what amount of XP too. The multiple names and access in the Vault file will eventually cause problems, and if you plan to save with SQL then it could lead to a cluttered database too.
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