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PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:52 pm 
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New to forums

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Well, if you're reading this, hopefully you've gotten yourself a NuclearFallout VDS, if not, then you should probably get one. Best VDS that I have ever used hands down, and I don't even need to be paid to outright state that. Anyways, down to business...

If you are interested in Murmur, you probably couldn't get a Ventrilo license. Well, sadly, join the party since none of us can, and having to pay a licensed provider seems like extortion. Luckily, we have an opensource and free solution, called Mumble. The only problem with this free, seemingly amazing program, is that it's a little tricky to setup the server end of it. In this guide, I will cover how to set the server up on Windows 2003 (same should apply to Windows 2008/R2) and get your SuperUser (Administrator account) setup so that you can add your channels. I will briefly go over some basic 'murmur.ini' tricks as well.

First things first...

1) You will need to have the server files (duh right?), and you can download them from the Mumble main page, but I'll make your life easier and direct link them right here
2) Once you have downloaded the files above, you should make a quick choice on where you want to install your Mumble directory (Desktop, C:\Mumble, etc) but for the purposes of a "newbie" crash course, we will install in the default C:\Program Files\Mumble.
3) Now launch the Mumble-1.2.2.exe file that we downloaded in Step 1, when prompted with the Terms of Agreement, Agree, when you are prompted on "what" to install, you should select "Server Only" from the dropdown box. Ok through the installation, and let it install.
4) Now we have our server files, that's more than half the battle of this program, but we're still not there yet. Go back to C:\Program Files\Mumble - Open "murmur.ini" with Wordpad. This file is inherently formatted through Wordpad, opening it with Notepad will make this process almost impossible. So be sure to right click, Open With -> Wordpad. From a newbies perpspective, most of these things you see are not relevant to anything we will be doing in this tutorial, we are only here to edit the following...

welcometext= #Set this to whatever you want to appear when people connect to your server, HTML is allowed, and this will show up in the left side of the window
port=#This should generally remain default, if you change it, ensure that you have that port enabled on your firewall, on NFo VDS you can pick any number you want as there are no firewalls by default
serverpassword=#Leave blank for no password, otherwise this will be required for users to connect
bandwidth=#This should be set to 137552 for the 96kb/s quality of Speex
users=#Number of maximum client,s, set to something reasonable like 100
registerName=#This is the name of the Lobby in your server, the "Main" channel

5) Setting up "SuperUser" and your Administrator account is the most difficult part of this small tutorial. The first thing you will need to do these steps first...

Go to Start -> Run -> Type in "cmd" and hit Enter
Once "cmd" is open, type in "cd C:\Program Files\Mumble\" -> "murmur.exe -supw XXX" <- Please note that you should replace XXX with the password of your choice for SuperUser. This is the same as a rcon password for a gameserver/ventrilo. After you hit enter, you should receieve a pop up that says "Superuser password set on server1", this means it worked. If you don't get this message, something is wrong. After you complete this, read below.

- Start the Mumble client.
- Go through the Certificate Wizard and either import or create a certificate. You can skip the Audio Wizard if you want but you will have to use it later if you want to use a microphone with Mumble (isn't that the whole point?)
- Click the connect button, enter your server information, as well as make your UserName the name you want to be Administrator.
- Once connected to your server, right click on your username and select the "Register Self" option from the dropdown menu, set to Allow and you can leave Subchannel unchecked.
- Disconnect from the server, go back to the Server List and right click on the server, select "Edit...", change your username to "SuperUser", click OK, and now reconnect to the server. Right click on the Lobby (Root channel) and right click, go to Edit, go to the Groups tab, in the drop down box, select "admin". Underneath the "Members" drop-down box at the bottom left hand side, type in the Username you originally connected to the server with and press enter.
- Please note I will add more about ACL (access flags, etc) later, but this should get you well on your way. If you need more support, check out Mumble's wiki, it has lots of information.
I don't think I left anything out, let me know if this helps.
If you need help, I can do my best to help, thanks for reading I guess? Okay now get out <3

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