Admin daemon command reference

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor, which are both based on the Frostbite engine.
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Admin daemon command reference

Post by Edge100x » Sun May 02, 2010 9:20 am

All the admin daemon commands are given on the "Easy setup" page, where you choose admins and what each one is allowed to do. Hovering your mouse cursor over a command there will tell you what it means.

For convenience, we also repeat this information below.

!kick and !tban

"!kick" or "!k", plus part of any player name, will kick that player (or players, if more than one matches) from the server.

"!tban" does a five-minute ban instead.


"!ban" or "!b" works like kick, but also bans the player(s) and has an optional second parameter of a reason for the ban (to be recorded by the game). The daemon bans both through PB and the regular game, using GUIDs.


"!kill", plus part of any player name, will kill that player (or players, if more than one matches) without hurting his stats/rank.

To kill all players, use !kill *; to kill players on just one team, use !kill 1* or !kill 2*.


"!move" or "!fmove" is used to move a player or players to a new team/squad. As part of this, they will be killed. The player specification is the same as for !kick. If no other parameters are specified, the player(s) get moved to the opposite team(s); otherwise, the numeric team and squad are used.

Usage examples:
!move playername
.. moves "playername" to the opposite team
!move playername 1 2
.. moves "playername" to team 1 and squad 2


"!say" uses admin.say to print a message in each player’s notification area.


"!yell" uses admin.yell to print 5 seconds of text at the center of every player’s screen.


"!password" sets a game password, making the server private (this also turns off ranked mode).

!rcon and !pb

"!rcon" gives an admin raw access to enter any command that can be used through the remote administration interface, such as admin.yell, vars.hardCore, etc.

"!pb" is a shortcut for "!rcon punkBuster.pb_sv_command". Text after this will be sent to PB on the server.


"!map" tells the server to immediately switch to any map. Note that due to a bug in the game, the number of rounds played for the new map will be one less than the number remaining on the current map (or just 2, if no rounds remain). The mode is changed to match the map automatically.

This command can only be used if our map cycler is also in use. After the map is played, the normal cycle will continue.

Usage examples:
!map mp_002
!map levels/mp_002


"!nextmap" or "!nextlevel" tells the server to switch to the next map in the cycle (actually, the next round, which may not be a new map).


"!restartmap" or "!restartlevel" restarts the current map.


"!scramble" kills all players and moves them to random teams.

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