How are Linux and Windows managed servers different?

Questions and tutorials about managed game-server-only VDSes and dedicated machines.
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How are Linux and Windows managed servers different?

Post by Edge100x » Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:40 am

The two fully managed game server machine options are Managed Windows game server and Managed Linux game server.

Windows is the standard, multi-purpose option. Every game type except for Minecraft is available to Windows servers, including BF:BC2, CS:S, TF2, CoD4, and L4D2.

The Linux option can be used with regular accelerated, hyperaccelerated, ultraaccelerated, and extreme accelerated servers. The Linux option supports only these games:

GoldSrc engine:
Counter-strike 1.6
Condition Zero
Team Fortress Classic
Day of Defeat

Source engine:
Half-Life 2 Multiplayer
Team Fortress 2
Day of Defeat: Source
Counter-strike Source
Counter-strike: Global Offensive
Left4Dead 2

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Rust / Rust (with optional updates)

Note that high FPS servers (ultraaccelerated/extreme accelerated) will have a more fluctuating FPS on a VDS than on a full dedicated machine or regular game server with us.

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