How do I use the managed tab in my control panel?

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How do I use the managed tab in my control panel?

Post by kraze » Thu Sep 20, 2012 5:23 pm

The managed tab in your control panel is a unique tab that we provide to customers who are renting managed VDSes and dedicated machines from NFO. This tab includes many tools that only our staff can normally access.

(1) The wipe function works exactly as it sounds. It will completely wipe your server and reset it to match how it was originally presented to you when it was set up.

(2) The repair feature is a nifty tool for replacing, updating, or just fixing some of the more common general mistakes. If you have accidentally deleted a file, a repair operation may replace it. If a file gets corrupted or an update did not go out as planned, a repair will replace the corrupted files and re-update your server.

(3) The restore feature will copy your customized files on top of the server from the latest backup that we have. Backups are made on a weekly basis, on a day of the week that was randomly chosen when the server was created. You can see the date of your latest backup by viewing the “Description” tab in your control panel.

(4) The rename feature will allow you to change your server's identifier in our system. This will effect how the server appears in your control panel and alter the server's DNS entry (

(5) The FPS monitoring tool can help you when diagnosing issues with your server's performance by showing you how the FPS fluctuates over time; it only applies to Valve games such as CS:GO, TF2, CS:S, and L4D. After it is turned on, the system will record your server's FPS every 30 seconds and generate a graph on this page. This allows you to see dips or spikes, which can indicate an overloaded server or a problem with a plugins. Running this tool can have negative performance effects, and it doesn't handle rcon password changes, so make sure to turn it back off when you are done using it.

(6) This information area indicates the time of the last server stop or restart.

(7) Restarting the server daily is a great practice and this option should be kept enabled unless you plan on frequently restarting the server manually. This specific option will only restart the server if it is empty during our standard 5 minute checks starting at midnight server time; the pop-up provides more detail on how the system decides when to restart.

The next option works together with this restart option and will cause the server to be restarted the next day at 7am if it never empties.

(8) You can exempt a server from being restarted for using 100% CPU for a long period of time, but this is usually not a good idea. Most games will not use that much CPU for very long under normal circumstances, and when this happens, it usually indicates an issue with your server configuration. However, very large servers or certain game types such as ArmA2 and Minecraft may need this enabled. (You should only adjust this if you see specific warnings about CPU usage on your "Events log" page and know that the server is behaving as it should be.)

(9) As with the CPU exemption, you can prevent the server from being restarted for using 1000 MB of memory. But, as with CPU, it is rare for a server to use this much legitimately, and usually signals a performance-robbing memory in the game or an addon.

(10) Checking this option will tell our system to ignore any downtime for your server and to not automatically restart it when it goes down. Unless your server is frequently appearing down when it is actually up, you should leave this disabled. You should also contact us if you feel that the system is not polling your server correctly.

(11) You can change your server's start-up line here. We do not recommend doing this unless you really know what you are doing and can't make your desired change elsewhere in the control panel (to change the player count, for instance, you should upgrade the server, not edit the command line). Keep in mind that editing this information does not change your server in our system.

(12) The CPU usage and player graph mirrors the one shown on the "Usage" page of your VDS or dedicated machine and provides at-a-glance information that you can use to quickly track down issues. Seeing a sudden spike in CPU or a sudden drop in players could indicate an issue with your server or some type of attack against your VDS/machine, and might warrant further investigation, starting with the "Usage" page for the overall machine (as it will also show bandwidth and memory information).

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