Basic Team Speak 3 FAQ

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Basic Team Speak 3 FAQ

Post by kraze » Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:45 pm

Which ports are being used by the server?

These ports vary from server to server. To see your individual ports, look at the "Description" page of your control panel.

What codecs are supported?


Can I connect to a TeamSpeak 2 server using the TeamSpeak 3 client or vice versa?

No. TeamSpeak 2 and TeamSpeak 3 are not compatible with one another at all. So a TeamSpeak 2 client can only connect to a TeamSpeak 2 server, and a TeamSpeak 3 client can only connect to a TeamSpeak 3 server.

Is it possible to run multiple TeamSpeak 3 client applications?

Yes. Also, TeamSpeak 3 supports connecting to multiple TeamSpeak 3 servers at once via its native "tabs" (similar to tabbed web browsing). However, if you want to start multiple TeamSpeak 3 clients, simply launch the TeamSpeak 3 client with the "-nosingleinstance" commandline parameter

Does TeamSpeak 3 offer text-to-speech (TTS)? If so, how do I use it?

TS3 offers three default soundpacks:
1) Spoken text from wave files (default)
2) Spoken text via TTS
3) Silence
For TTS you need to switch to the "Default Speech" soundpack via Settings > Options > Notifications.

When I connect to a server (and particularly a heavily populated one) the client provides too many spoken notifications about users joining or leaving. This is annoying. How do I turn them off?

Go into Options > Notifications. Find the specific notifications you want to disable and uncheck the X box. Press Ok or Apply. Alternatively, you can select the "Sounds deactivated" soundpack for complete silence. We tried to make this as customizable as possible, so you can decide for yourself to listen to all sounds, none or only selected ones.

How does the ban system work?

Clients can be banned by any combination of IP, username (including regular expressions) and unique identifier.

Is there a server administration web application?

TS3 does not provide its own web application. We supply a basic control panel that allows you to stop/start the server. All other administration needs to be done through your TS3 client or via a 3rd party Server Query tool.

How do I use a privilege key?
To use a privilege key connect to your TS3 server and select permissions from the top menu and then use privilege key.

How can I view my basic server log?
You can view your server log by clicking tools from the top menu then selecting server log.

How can I view collected URL?
To view all URLs which have been sent through your server please select tools from the top menu and select collected URLs.

How do I start recording?
To start recording you can use Ctrl>Shift>R or you can select start recording out of the tools menu.

Is it possible to assign a privilege key to another group besides SA?
Yes it is, within your TS3 client select permissions from the top menu and select privilege keys.

How do I find my ban list or unban someone?
From your TS3 client select tool then ban list

How can I connect to another TS3 server while I am connected to another?
Their are several ways of doing this. (1)You can click connections from the top menu and enter the the server information then click in new tab or if the server is in your bookmarks you can right click the server and select new tab.

How do I set up client side TS3?
The easiest way to do this is to open up TS3 and select settings from the top menu and set up wizard.

Does NFO limit anything within the TS3 server?
We have very few limitations. Primarily, clients can't change the client count of the server or other basic server setup options (like the server port), and there is a download quota of 100 MB for each client (as these servers are not meant for heavy file sharing).

Is it possible to turn certain clients volume up or down?
Yes. Right click the client's name and select "Change volume".

How do I send a pm to someone?
Their are several ways of doing this. (1) You can double click their name and a box will appear at the bottom of the server with their name over it. (2) Right click their name and select open text chat. (3) Right click their name and select poke client.

How do I view my ping along with others?
Right click the user in TS3 and select connection info.

How do I add someone to my contacts list?
Right click the user's name and select add to contacts.

What is my virtual server ID?

Each TS3 server has its own process, so every server has the virtual server ID of 1. Our TS3 servers have the right privileges for guest accounts to connect and list the virtual servers, which is why most remote querying scripts work out of the box without needing to specify it.

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