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How to use parameters.txt

Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 2:25 pm
by Vanderburg
When using a large number of mods, the -mod= line can get cut off on the server's startup line. For this, you would use a parameters.txt file to hold more items than the startup line can.

Inside this file, add mods using the following syntax:

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These are added without spaces, using the name of the folder containing the mod.

For server mods, add the following below -mod=:

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Again, without spaces, using the names of the folders.

Place this file in the cfg/ directory, then contact us from the Help! tab of your game server control panel, where we can update the startup line to use this file.

If you are on a managed VDS or full machine, you can add -par=cfg\parameters.txt to the server's startup line from the Managed Panel tab of your game server control panel instead of contacting us. It'll take effect on the next restart.