What game rules/types/modes and variants are available?

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What game rules/types/modes and variants are available?

Post by Edge100x » Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:52 am

These are the possible sets of game rules, their corresponding defined levelRotation names (which will run through all the non-DLC maps in that mode and can be specified at the top of the LevelRotation.xml file in lieu of a custom mapcycle), and their corresponding gameRules names (which are used in the "level" lines when running a purely custom mapcycle):

Instant Action (Deathmatch) = IA = InstantAction
Team Instant Action (Team Deathmatch) = TIA = TeamInstantAction
Capture The Flag (Capture The Relay) = CTF = CaptureTheFlag
Crash Site = CRASH = CrashSite
Assault = ASSAULT = Assault
Extraction = EXTRACTION = Extraction

These are the variants that are allowed to be played with each ruleset. A variant is a predefined set of variables that tweak the game.

You can also specify your own set of variables by using "Custom" instead of a predefined variant, but if you do that, your server will be unranked. (We talk more about that in another article)

Code: Select all

           Solo  Standard Pro Vanilla SingleLife BeginnersPlayground FastRounds
           ----  -------- --- ------- ---------- ------------------- ----------
Assault    X     X                               
Crash      X     X        X   X                  
CTF              X        X   X                  
Extraction X     X        X           X          
IA               X        X   X                  X
TIA        X     X        X   X                  X                   X
Normally, a predefined levelRotation (that will go through all maps supporting those rules) and Variant combination are specified in the LevelRotation.xml file, using the "levelRotation" tag and the "variant" tag. You can also switch to a specific pair at any time using the XML-RPC / rcon interface (such as via our "Server control" page). To do this, use the command "startplaylist rules__variant". For instance:

Code: Select all

startplaylist IA__BeginnersPlayground
To run DLC maps, you must use "Custom" (or some other string that doesn't match a default list) in your levelRotation line, then specify your own custom map list. The predefined levelRotation lists do not include DLC maps.

Note: Running "startplaylist" seems to crash Crysis 2 much of the time right now, so we recommend avoiding it.

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