How do I set the server name?

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How do I set the server name?

Post by Edge100x » Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:39 am

You can do this by visiting the "File manager" page in your control panel and choosing to edit the "./LevelRotation.xml". Change the "Details" line, then save the file and restart it using your "Server control" page.

Here's our default file:

Code: Select all

<levelRotation name="TIA">
    <!-- You can specify a MOTD of up to 165 characters and a JPEG/PNG 128x128 image URL -->
    <Details name=" New server" motd="Rent your own server from!" imageUrl="" />
    <Variant name="Standard">
You can also set the type and variant in this file without the server becoming unranked, or many other settings, if you don't mind it becoming unranked.

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