How do I add maps to my server?

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How do I add maps to my server?

Post by kraze » Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:46 pm

Adding maps to your server is extremely easy and normally only takes a few minutes. To start off, you'll need to actually have the map you want to play in your possession. If you don't, head over to GameBanana and look through the list of maps, or if you have a map in mind throw it into Google so you can find a download link.

Once you have the map..
  1. Go to the "File manager" tab in your NFO control panel and copy your FTP information.
  2. Connect to your servers FTP and navigate to "garrysmod/maps". If you don't know how to use FTP, take a look at our FTP connection guide.
  3. Once in the correct directory simple drag and drop the map from your desktop into the "maps" folder in FTP(remember to unzip the map).
  4. Head back to the "Easy setup" tab in your NFO control panel and scroll down until you see the section titled "Map cycle".
  5. Enter the name of the map(s) you've uploaded and submit the page.
  6. Reboot the server and you are now ready to play on your new map!

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