My Players are able to pick up each other and everyone's props

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My Players are able to pick up each other and everyone's props

Post by Oneleg » Sun May 08, 2016 2:10 am

If you're experiencing this on your server and you're running the addon called "Falco's Prop Protection" (F.P.P) this issue is likely caused because of a configuration being incorrect. F.P.P is used on DarkRP servers by default and comes with the installation, but this addon can be used on other gamemodes as well.

If you should experience this issue, you'll want to look at the general settings for the addon, assuming you have the admin permissions to view the system.
  1. 1. Join the server that's having this issue
    2. Open your spawn menu (commonly bound to 'Q')
    3. Navigate to Utilities>Falco's prop protection settings>Admin Settings
From there you'll have a list of subcategories that act as drop-down menus when clicked on, each with their own settings groups.
  • 1. Click on the "Physgun Options" dropdown menu, verify the following settings are unchecked: "People can physgun World Entities", "People can physgun Blocked Entities"
    2. Next click on the "Gravity Gun settings" and uncheck the "People can grav gun blocked entities"
    3. Then click on the "Toolgun settings" and verify these following settings are unchecked: "People can toolgun world entities", "People can toolgun blocked entities"
This should fix your issue with players being able to physgun, grav gun, or use their tool gun on anyone else but themselves' and their own props. If this is still happening with some users, this means their rank in the server's Admin Mod is set to have admin inheritance, and you'll want to break that line of inheritance to that usergroup to fix the issue.

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