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How do I install a bukkit plugin?

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:59 am
by Edge100x
Generally, the procedure for simple plugins would be:
  1. Open up your NFO control panel.
  2. Click the "Autoinstallers" page and make sure that you have bukkit installed. It should be included by default with new servers.
  3. Click the "File manager" tab.
  4. The FTP information for your server is listed. Use this information to connect via an FTP client such as WinSCP, making sure that you have passive mode enabled (in WinSCP, the option is found under "Connection" after you choose "FTP" from the drop-down "File protocol menu").
  5. Navigate to the "plugins" folder of your server.
  6. Upload the .jar file for your plugin(s) from your personal machine to this remote folder.
  7. In the control panel, use the "Server control" page to restart your server.