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How does BF3 perform on different dedicated/VDS setups?

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:01 am
by Edge100x
Empty BF3 servers use no CPU resources and minimal memory (somewhere in the sub-100 MB range).

Full 32-slot BF3 servers should be able to comfortably run on any VDS or dedicated machine. It is likely that at least one of these can be run per processor core.

In our testing, a VDS hosted on a machine with 2.26ghz Nehalem processors (L5640s) could handle 48 slots before performance artifacts began. This usage was mostly on a single processor core, with a little spillover onto a second one. Since 2.26ghz cores are the slowest ones we use for VDSes, all VDSes should be able to run at least a 48-slot server per two HT cores.

Full 64-slot servers use most of a E3-1270 physical processor core. We expect for X3470 and better dedicated machines to be able to run approximately one of these per physical core (four per machine). VDSes on the very fastest (E3-1270-based and X5675-based) hardware platforms may also be able to run these, at a rate of one per two HT cores, but we're not fully certain.

Re: How does BF3 perform on different dedicated/VDS setups?

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:36 pm
by Edge100x
To clarify for those who are confused, upgrading the number of virtual CPU cores on a VDS will not make it any more able to run a single 64-slot server. If you have a 2-slot VDS and upgrade it to an 8-slot VDS, it still might not be able to handle even one 64-slot server. This is because the individual core performance is mostly what matters, and you can't increase that performance by adding more cores.

With more cores, you could run more servers, though, of course. Also, if you have spare cores, try the "Multithreading" option on the "Managed panel" page, which may improve allow a few more slots to be run without lag.