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Why did my server crash?

Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:33 am
by Edge100x
This article is about crashes, in which all players are kicked and the server has to be restarted by our automated system. If only players dropped, please see ... =70&t=6497

If it refuses to start at all, try reducing the length of your server name or server description. Try wiping your custom Startup.txt, if you have one defined.

If seems to crash during gameplay, check to see if you're mixing game modes, such as ConquestLarge0 followed by RushLarge0 on a 64-player server. If you switch to a game mode that does not support as many players as the previous one, the game will boot players randomly in order to meet the new limit, which feels a lot like a crash.

Also make sure that you're not trying to use reserved slots or the game's (not NFO's) built-in admin features, which are not ready yet and could cause problems. The 3rd party utility "Procon" has some bugs in its current version, too, that can cause crashes when its mapcycle feature is used, and possibly with some of its other features.

There are also known crash triggers in the current game version -- these lead to crashes occasionally:

* Having a large Admin/banlist.txt file (over around 12 KB) will cause a server crash if a tool runs the "banList.list" command through rcon.
* Servers crash more frequently with larger ticket counts and larger player counts. This is related to an internal resource leak.
* When teamKillValueForKick is set to 0 and the preround ends (we now force it to be non-zero when our Easy setup page is submitted to avoid this)

It could also be a Blaze problem. If other servers also had it, or you see a client-side error, that's a safe bet.

If it's none of these, contact us, and we'll forward your debug information to DICE.