How do I run in normal, hardcore, or infantry-only mode?

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How do I run in normal, hardcore, or infantry-only mode?

Post by Edge100x » Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:36 am

To run your server in one of the special modes and see it flagged as such in Battlelog, go to the "Easy setup" page and click the option to adjust settings to match that mode, and they'll be set for you (you'll also have to submit the form).

For reference, those settings are given below. If you choose a combination of settings that does not match those in any column, your server will be declared "Custom".

Code: Select all

Setting                      Normal Hardcore Infantry Only
-------                      ------ -------- -------------
vars.playerRespawnTime       100    100      100 
vars.soldierHealth           100    60       100 
vars.playerManDownTime       100    100      100 
vars.bulletDamage            100    100      100 
vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed     true   true     false 
vars.friendlyFire            false  true     false 
vars.regenerateHealth        true   false    false
vars.3dSpotting              true   false    true 
vars.nameTag                 true   false    true 
vars.hud                     true   false    true 
vars.miniMap                 true   true     true 
vars.miniMapSpotting         true   true     true 
vars.killCam                 true   false    true 
vars.autoBalance             true   true     true 
vars.3pCam                   true   false    false 
vars.regenerateHealth        true   false    true 
vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn    false  true     false 
Note that the "Easy setup" page also allows for a few other settings, which you can adjust to whatever you'd like.

(The information above was taken from the "Server settings and Battlelog" section of the official server administrator documentation.)

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