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Why am I not getting players from Quickmatch?

Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:13 pm
by Edge100x
Quickmatch has some known requirements, but also works in mysterious, seemingly random ways, sending clients to some servers and seeming to ignore others. As a provider, we have the same basic level of control that customers do in determining a server's eligibility for Quickmatch -- by setting the correct settings on the "Easy setup" page -- as discussed at ... =70&t=5931 and ... =70&t=5905.

You can check to see if your server qualifies for Quickmatch overall by sending the "serverInfo" command through the rcon tool on the "Server control" page. If the last line in the output says "true", then you meet the criteria to receive Quickmatch players; if it says "false", you need to make adjustments on your "Easy setup" page:
  • Make sure that your server's max player count isn't >25% more or less than the preferred maximum number of slots for every game mode in your mapcycle. You can find the allowed Quickmatch range for each map on the "Easy setup" page under "Maps and modes available, with supported player counts", and you can set the server's player count with the "Player limit" field.

    For instance, if you have only RushLarge0 maps in your cycle, your server needs to be between 24 and 40 players. If you have only TeamDeathMatch0 maps in your cycle, your server needs to be between 18 and 30 players. If you have both RushLarge0 and TeamDeathMatch0 maps, your server needs to be between 24 and 30 players (the intersection of the requirements for the two modes).

    Since there's no intersection between the allowed ranges for more disparate slot counts like 32 and 64, it's often impossible to include multiple game modes in the same map cycle without losing QM qualification.
  • Make sure that you are using settings that match "Normal", "Hardcore" or "Infantry" (we have buttons for these on the "Easy setup" page).
  • Make sure that your "Tickets given" value is between 50% and 1000%.
If your server qualifies for Quickmatch but just doesn't seem to be attracting Quickmatch players, experiment with some other things:
  • Try only running Team DM, Rush or Conquest (small) mode. Conquest Large (64-slot) and other unusual modes might not used for Quickplay unless the client manually selects that mode, per a DICE employee in this thread: ... 7715516807
  • Try wholesale resetting the server to the default settings by deleting the Admin/Startup.txt file through the "File manager" page, then restarting the server. More clients might have filters matching these settings.
  • Try changing your settings to ones which might meet different players' criteria, such as by switching to hardcore mode.
  • Try adjusting the pingsite. You'll only be fed Quickmatch players with the same pingsite, so using a different one will get you a different set of players.
  • Try using the "Adjust player limit automatically" option in our admin daemon to cover the entire Quickmatch range for your desired game type (per our chart on the "Easy setup" page). For instance, with a 64-slot server, you might set it to range from 48 to 64. Quickmatch prefers almost-full servers, so the lower player limit can help.
  • Try resetting your GUID, if nothing else works, as it makes the server look like a fresh one to the game's back-end (Blaze); note that this will reset any Favorites, however, and we haven't seen it help yet.
With each test, make sure to get some seed players in (the more the better). Quickmatch strongly prefers servers with players, and also prefers servers that are almost full.

All RSPs have indicated they are receiving a large number of complaints about Quickmatch being fickle.

Re: Why am I not getting players from Quickmatch?

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:32 pm
by Edge100x
Today this post was updated with the information given in the Battlelog post at ... 828785695/. This is what was posted:
Matchmaking – How does it work?

There has been some confusion as to how our Quick Match matchmaking system works. We’ll try to clear that up below.

For your server to receive players from the Quick Match matchmaking system it needs to fulfill these requirements:
  1. The server max player count must not differentiate more than 25% from any preferred game mode player count in your rotation. For example: A server that has Conquest Large (64 players) and Tank Superiority (24 players) in the same rotation cannot fulfill this requirement and will therefore not receive players from the Quick Match matchmaking system.
  2. You need to be running the Normal preset on a console server and Normal, Hardcore or Infantry only on PC servers.
  3. Game mode ticket count must be between 50% and 1,000%.
PC players can check if their server will receive matchmaking traffic with the RCON command: serverinfo (the last Boolean tells you whether it’s enabled or not). In addition to being match-makeable, your server will also need to have at least one player joined for the matchmaking system to send any Quick Matching players to it.