VDS with Procon external Database (TOS)

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VDS with Procon external Database (TOS)

Post by FireStarter » Mon Dec 24, 2018 7:31 pm

i want to use a VDS for Procon. My Questions:

#1 Is it a violation to connect with Procon on a VDS to the Gameservers SQL and Gameserver?

"+ Initiate connections to external IP addresses (outside of the server machine) without the permission of the owner of the external IP, to include pinging another address or connecting to an external database or webserver." (TOS)


"+ Run a "sub-service" from the server that allows connections to a different IP address on the machine or to a different port on the server's IP address, or which piggybacks on a provided server port to provide "back door" abilities to control the server that are not already included with the server as provided by Nuclearfallout " (TOS)

A Procon Plugin needs a SQL (innodb) database to work (ranking, stats).


"+ Run any sort of bot or artificial player, with these exceptions: bots based on Olo's Fakefull code that sit as spectators and do not interact with players on the server; up to four standard bots at a time in games that natively provide them as options, such as CS:Source, Condition Zero, Team Fortress 2, and CS:GO; and computer-run opponents in games such as Left4Dead, Left4Dead2, ArmA2, and Team Fortress 2 in "Mann v. Machine" mode that are required for basic play." (TOS)

So im not allowed to use bots (but real BF3 accounts: information from the seeder-service) to make the server well-known/fill it fast? They aren't on server but battlelog would show for example 55/64 players.

Sorry my english is not the best.

Greetings & Merry Christmas

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Re: VDS with Procon external Database (TOS)

Post by Vanderburg » Tue Dec 25, 2018 8:21 am

Hi there.

For #1, you're fine. The only real condition there is having permission. If it's your VDS and your game server, you're free to make those connections, because you're giving yourself permissions. This policy doesn't require you get explicit permission. If a service makes itself available (as in, it exists for people to connect), they are implicitly providing permission. If you're unsure, you can open a support request in the Help! tab of your control panel and we can help you out.

For the second part of that, the sub-service is for game servers. It doesn't apply to an unmanaged VDS, where you can install basically anything you want. That would be running ProCon, connecting to your game server, which is not running any extra sub-service. You can also feel free to install a MySQL server on that VDS for the lowest latency connection.

For #2, the bot rule also applies to game servers and is for any bot that acts as a player in game, using additional resources, minus the exceptions in that list. If the bot doesn't act as a player in game (That is, it's not running around shooting things), and doesn't use those additional resources, that should be okay. I don't know how DICE feels about those (I would guess they view them negatively and might have a problem with it, especially if ranked/official), however.

Merry Christmas!

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