Server Maps wont end and change??

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Server Maps wont end and change??

Post by kendsie » Thu Mar 06, 2014 8:58 am

Hey guys and girls,
Thanks for allowing me to bother you with my questions. Im having a problem with the maps changing on my VDS the fabulous NFO servers. At the end of the coop campaigns, the map seems to freeze. It will allow you to come back in, but as a spectator, on a never ending loop of the last part of the map. I have tried rebuilding the server, taking all the maps out but 1, changing to another, and so forth, but I continue have this problem. This is happening on custom maps only it seems. I tried to give as much info as i can! Any advise or questions would be much appreciated.

maps in question are:
Back to school
highway to hell
the bloody moors
redemption 2

Server OS: Specific version. ex: Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit SP2
Processor: Two Intel (r)CPU E3-1270v3@350ghz
2048 MB of RAM
200 GB of RAID-protected storage
3000 GB of InterNAP bandwidth transfer
Game(s): L4D2
Start Up Command: set runcmd=C:\l4d2ds\srcds.exe -console -game left4dead2 -maxplayers 24 +exec server.cfg +port 27015 -verify_all +map c1m1_hotel
Admin Mods:
Metamod Source v1.10.0V
Sourcemod v1.5.2

[SM] Listing 20 plugins:
01 "Admin File Reader" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
02 "Admin Help" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
03 "Admin Menu" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
04 "Anti-Flood" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
05 "Basic Ban Commands" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
06 "Basic Chat" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
07 "Basic Comm Control" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
08 "Basic Commands" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
09 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
10 "Basic Votes" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
11 "Client Preferences" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
12 "Fun Commands" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
13 "Fun Votes" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
14 "[L4D/L4D2] Character Select Menu" (2.5a) by MI 5
15 "L4D Players" (0.0.1) by NiCo-op
16 "Player Commands" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
17 "Reserved Slots" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC
18 "Simple Welcome Message" (1.2) by Zuko
19 "L4D Force Mission Changer" (1.4.0) by Dionys
20 "Sound Commands" (1.5.2) by AlliedModders LLC

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Re: Server Maps wont end and change??

Post by $atanic $pirit » Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:07 pm

Did you tried to disable metamod and sourcemod to see what is the cause of error? If you did that already then you need to look at console to see why it goes in loop. Console will pretty much say what the issue is.

Also make sure you are using the most up to date map files as lot of maps got broken with recent updates.

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