Bo1, bo2 Set up..

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Bo1, bo2 Set up..

Post by p0rnflakes » Tue Nov 01, 2016 2:57 am

Hey guys im fairly new at this whole VDS/VPS thing but everyone starts from somewhere. Also, Im sorry if I post this in the wrong category.
Im a competitive gamer and sniper. I play league play alot and I do ranked 1v1s.
Also, I play bo3 tournaments and play destiny and alot of other games that I participate in GBs.
I take gaming very serious and I can take a loss.
But there is people who can't. Fat lazy kids who scream they will boot you offline if you get a swarm on them.
Image :roll:
I've been spending money upon money on multiple VPN's yet I still get booted offline.
My friend has a friend that said for me to look up NFO servers. He told me to look up his ip and it came up from chicago and his isp was intermap or something. and it showed his ip and beside his ip it said ( unbootable )
Whereas, mine is ex. ( embarq corparation)
city, state etc.
That is why Im here.

My question or questions is,
Can someone help me out with setting up a VDS/VPS, firewall filters for dos protection and etc.?
How do I go about connecting my ps3 to it so people in game sees the VDS/VPS ip and not my real ip?
Is it a proxy set up or a through the browser set up?
Does my computer always has to be on and online for me to use the server? or is it accessible 24/7?
Does my ps3 has to be on the same network as my computer to use it?
Do I have to be logged in on the server on my pc everytime I want to play a game? or can i just play anytime I want and my ps3 will always be connected once first initial connect?
Do I have to buy a domain to use the server? 8O
I noticed how it says 18k, 24k, 36k etc bandwidth transfer...
If someone does or tries to boot me offline while on the or connected to the vps/vds.
Does the dos take up the bandwidth? :/
Cause I saw somewhere that a flood attack takes up all the resources and bandwidth. is that the case?
If I buy a 36k bandwidth vds and I get hit with a 10 gb attack.... will that 10 gb be deducted from my monthly bandwidth transfer limit?
Or will nfo just mitigate the attack and the bandwidth just apply to how much bandwidth I use while connected to the vps/vds?
Is it like a phone data plan? like "500mb of data a month" type of thing?
and last but not least..
Can someone explain what this "Raid- storage protection" is?
I just want to play on normal cod servers with regular people. But I'd like to not worry about being booted offline after every game. He said NFO is the best in his opinion and its worth the money. He hasnt been booted offline since he started using his vps from NFO.
I tried hitting him up asking more about NFO and how do I go about setting it up on my ps3 but my friend said he doesnt play ps3 anymore cause he switched to xbox.
I haven't purchased any VDS/VPS or anything from nfo cause I do not know what I need. I'd like to research and ask and understand before I buy anything.
As I said before all I want to do is play on a vps/vds without looking over my shoulder or worrying about getting dos'ed.
Also, Im sorry if these are alot of questions. I just want to understand as much as I can. I just don't want to spend money on something then fuck it up do to not knowing what im doing.


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Re: Bo1, bo2 Set up..

Post by mrquiglz » Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:25 am

I know how to do each of these that you ask and will help you get setup. To contact me quickly you can hit me up through my discord server and we will get you on the right track.
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