Shivtr TS3 Block issue..

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Shivtr TS3 Block issue..

Post by Prestn » Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:58 pm

I have followed the steps here: ... ts3-status

I keep getting this error: Error: An error occurred attempting to scan the Teamspeak Server


I have tried to just make a php page following the instructions here:

I get this error: Unable to connect to TeamSpeak 3 server server not running or cant reach server

please help?

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Re: Shivtr TS3 Block issue..

Post by Markie » Sun Aug 30, 2015 5:03 pm

If you're using a NFO hosted teamspeak server ( the IP/port is managed with a SRV record which won't work with those types of status scripts. You'll have to use the "plain IP" along with the assigned main/query ports which can be found under the servers description via NFO control panel.

Additionally, you'll want to give the Guest Server Query a few permissions for viewing purposes;

Guest Server Query -> Virtual Server (add a check mark under Value for the following)
  • SeverQuery: Select Virtual Server / b_virtualserver_select
    SeverQuery: View Virtual Server Info / b_virtualserver_info_view
    SeverQuery: View List of existing Channels / b_virtualserver_channel_list
    SeverQuery: View List of Clients Online / b_virtualserver_client_list
Also remember to white-list your external IP(s) which are querying the server or they will be temporarily suspended due to the amount of retries.

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