Vetrillo and Amx Mod

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Vetrillo and Amx Mod

Post by GitRdone » Sun Nov 07, 2004 8:51 pm

Ok. First, Love the quality of the servers. I've never had a better server that pinged as well with as little lag and down time. I just was wondering if 1. Does a ventrillo server come with every HL: CounterStrike server. And if it does, how do I access it? and If not, How do I get one through you guys. And 2. How do I disable AMX Mod during cal.cfg. Is there another .cfg that I need to download, or do I just have to rewrite cal.cfg to disable it? Any help or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks and again, great servers.

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Post by Nick|NFo » Sun Nov 07, 2004 9:04 pm

you would need to order it on the order page: ... tent=order

it will show up in your control panel after you start the subscription.

As for unloading amxmod, you can do this:

meta unload amx

or if that doesnt unload, meta force_unload amx

thats how it would show up in cal.cfg if you are going to place it in there.

if you want to use rcon to unload them, just simply put rcon before it

its best to turn off metamod before you are going to have your match, which you can do in server control tab of your control panel. uncheck the box and hit set, then restart the server. You can do this anytime before your match, then at the match, use rcon.

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