Yesterdays CSGO update somewhat broke my server...

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Yesterdays CSGO update somewhat broke my server...

Post by omfgs » Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:13 pm

The problem im having is that everyone is now different people

some people are vips some are random other players on the servers
idk the steamids are mixed up

I don't know what happened so i tried restoring the dbs
and no success.

i don't know a solution it happened after the update
Players are other players on the server

there are 3 people for example

a logs in the server, his name is still A but his records and data are b's
and vice versa to others

don't know what happened and i'm flipping out
when i tried to mute someone in the database
as a test

i see this on the panel
Steam3 ID [U:1:0]

this is happening for multiple plugins might I add.
im flipping shit right now like i don't understand.
For example a guy name felipe completely new player was on he leaves
jeremy comes on
his name is still jeremy but hes back to level one his data is reading from felipe who was on the server prior

please i hope you guys can help
changed the map and his info is back to who he was

last night i gave someone vip
and random people got vip
basically the update broke my server i guess
I'm not receiving a mysql error
none of the data is corrupted

Was told by support the steam ID's are being shown just fine
but i don't think that's the case imo

Support was extremely helpful but this solution is new and confusing so i don't blame them for not knowing what happened (this issue is so confusing)

Thank you to whoever tries to help. My server is screwed for the time-being haha.

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