What are the console commands?

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What are the console commands?

Post by kraze » Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:25 pm


Adminlogin - followed by the server's admin password, allows you to log into a server as an admin.
Adminlogout - Logs out as admin
Admin - Followed by any command executes that command on the server.
Adminkick - Kicks a user. Requires you to type their whole name right now, which kind of sucks. It's a built-in command.
Adminkickban -Kicks a user and permanently bans them (i.e. puts their IP/NetID in the config file). Also a built-in command.
Adminchangemap -Changes to a different map. Be sure the map actually exists (see the map list), otherwise you may crash your server.
AdminRestartMap - Restarts the map.
AdminChangeTeam -Swaps a selected player to the opposite team.
AdminChangeTeamDamageAmount - Change team damage amount on-the-fly; from 0.0 (no damage) to 1.0 (full damage)

Also located here;
http://www.chivalrythegame.com/forums/v ... =72&t=3139
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